Eclipse 4x 130AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Key Features



The Eclipse 130AH AGM Battery is an all weather battery, which features built-in pure lead grip and AGM separator for enhanced performance. Faster recharging technology and battery drain protection guarantee ultra reliable performance and are perfect for deep cycling. The sealed structure, copper alloy terminals and factory sealed lid ensure no liquid leakage, and ABS intrusion-safe body and heavy-duty posts are built to resist vibrations & shock.


130AH Deep Cycle Battery Voltage Meter EASY TO USE Integrated Voltage Meter- At the touch of a button  you can know the state of charge of your AGM battery by voltage!  Yes! This battery has a voltage meter BUILT IN !! That's right you can now monitor your battery voltage with ease! The inbuilt functionality of a voltage meter allows you the ability keeps track of how much power your battery has left!  This feature allows you to measure the voltage of your battery so you know the depth of discharge instead of using a separate multi-meter simply press a button and find out your batteries voltage!


7 Year Warranty Market Leading Pro-Rata Warranty 

Aussie Batteries have been providing reliable battery power for decades. We believe this battery is so dependable we have given it Australias best AGM battery warranty!





Eclipse AGM Deep Cycle BatteryThe latest battery technology has gone into making Eclipse AGM Batteries. The Eclipse Battery range have been developed and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of Australian conditions with extra heavy-duty construction for vibration in 4wd's caravans and camper trailers.

Eclipse Deep Cycle Batteries are designed for the Australian camping community who use deep cycle power systems. Solar power & battery storage is the future, and Eclipse Batteries are making Deep Cycle AGM Batteries more practical, technically advanced and accessible with a price point available to all!

The Newest Generation of SMART AGM Batteries!

Introducing a new 'smarter' AGM battery ! ECLIPSE AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES are the ideal way to kit out your camping setup, caravan, 4WD or camper-van. These AGM Batteries are an industry leading AGM DEEP CYCLE BATTERY. More than just a plastic box with two terminals! This smart energy storage battery incorporates a built in voltage meter so there is no need for a separate watt meter - all you need is the Eclipse Battery and you're on the road! If you are travelling for recreation, business, outdoor or bringing your battery to work, Eclipse Batteries are perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

An Easy to Mount, Safe, Sleek and Reliable Design Ideal For Extended Camping Trips or Off Grid Power

Manufactured using absorbent glass mat (AGM) with the highest quality finest purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates.  The 130AH Eclipse Deep Cycle Battery is superior for deep cycling applications, running appliances when camping or caravanning, and are perfect for hard hitting 4WD and marine applications. Eclipse batteries use trusted AGM technology to provide a long-lasting battery that is ready to withstand the tough Australian conditions. These batteries are 100% sealed, non-gassing, and maintenance free. With up-dated AGM valve regulated technology and high purity raw materials, the ECLIPSE AGM battery range maintains high consistency for better performance and reliable standby service life for all your deep cycle power applications. 

Eclipse Deep Cycle Batteries are perfect for a wide range of diverse situations; for domestic use, free time activities, campsite or picnic, boating, farming applications and all activities or applications where you need a deep cycle battery. ECLIPSE BATTERIES are also designed to fit into most major battery boxes.

Best Quality Deep Cycle Battery Australia

130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery Perfect for use in off-grid camping & boating
130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery Ideal for use in power outages
130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery In emergency situations
130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery For thrill-seekers, campers & 4WDing
130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery To maximise solar energy storage

Exceptional Innovations that set the Eclipse 130AH apart from other AGM Batteries:


ECLIPSE AGM FEATURES an Integrated Battery Voltage Meter:

  • Don't let your battery get ruined. The problem with traditional AGMs is managing voltage. Discharging too deeply, overcharging, or storing at an incorrect voltage will lead to a reduction in battery life and performance.
  • Eclipse AGM Batteries solve this problem with the integrated battery voltmeter. You'll always know how long you've got left in your battery, and it's easy to ensure the voltage is in a safe range. A quick glance at your battery meter screen is all it takes to know whether a top-up is needed - no hassle or extra equipment required.

Patented Life Extension Pack:
All batteries have a lifespan. Over time the chemistry or internal plates degrade, slowly reducing your performance until the battery is unusable. AGMs are efficient and long lasting, but eventually they too age and come to an end.

Eclipse Batteries have invented a way to turn back the clock. Each Eclipse premium battery has a patented life extension pack built in, boosting the expected total lifespan by up to 50%. The life extension pack is designed to revitalize the battery after 3-4 years of service, with one safe and easy application.

130AH Deep Cycle Battery Australia ECLIPSE 130AH AGM Deep Cycle Product Benefits:

  • Never run out of power unexpectedly with the integrated battery voltage meter
  • Get a longer battery lifespan with the patented life extension pack
  • Exceptional warranty so you don't have to worry if something ever goes wrong
  • Simple to maintain, just keep it charged after usage
  • Safe for using in enclosed environments such as caravans or vehicles (non gassing)
  • Long lasting design provides years of regular use with appliances
  • Easy to use with a wide range of equipment such as lights, fridges, and solar applications.
  • Durable heat resistant battery casing 

free rubber terminal covers included with every battery purchase

This 130AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is perfect for applications that require either frequent cycling or renewable power storage. Common uses include;

  • Running appliances when camping away from power.
  • Perfect for powering your 12V fridges, high powered inverters, lights or any other 12V appliances.
  • Excellent for use with a solar panel for charging.
  • Perfect for running in a dual battery system in a vehicle.
  • Superb for use in 4x4 and Marine Conditions.
  • Designed Service Life 12 years
  • Ideal for frequent cyclic discharge
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • Low self-discharge characteristic
  • We suggest adding a Battery Heat Shield for best results.
**Due to the current worldwide supply and demand issues, we are doing everything we can to give our customers the best batteries at the best prices. However, this is limited stock, and we will not tolerate abuse of our staff. We are truly doing everything we can to get Aussie customers the best power solutions with the best price! We assure you that our delivery and storage facilities have the highest hygienic practices and process. **We are also concerned for those who may not be able to buy immediately and have set aside battery stock. So if you are on a pension or disadvantaged in any way; please call our team to explore your payment options and guarantee delivery at a sale price - 1800 853 315

ECLIPSE 130AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery Features:

130AH Portable Deep Cycle Battery Sealed Construction (VRLA) means you can store our batteries at any angle. (All our AGM Batteries are completely sealed this means they can be stored at any angle)

130AH BatteryMaintenance Free operation this means no more refilling cells with water simply purchase and reap the benefits of a high quality AGM Battery.

AGM battery High Vibration Resistance means our batteries can withstand the toughest 4x4 conditions.

130AH batteryNon-Spillable and Non-Gassing with an in-built safety valve to keep you and your family safe by ensuring your battery is fully sealed and preventing any possible battery explosions.

12V 130AH Deep Cycle BatteryDurable AGM Plates: High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long design lifespan of 12 years (for infrequent discharge @20°C).

135AH Deep Cycle BatteryCorrosion Resistant: Lead-calcium grids maintain a low self-discharge rate of approximately 3% of capacity per month.

130AH Deep Cycle BatteryQuality Copper-Silver Terminals means small contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.

*Please note installing this battery under your bonnet or in electric golf buggies, mobility scoorters or using with trolling motors, may void your warranty. More suitable battery types for these applications are CCA rated batteries. Need Expert Advice Please Call Our Team

**Our 48hr dispatch guarantee is subject to receipt of payment. Excluding weekends and Public Holidays. We guarantee to dispatch your order within 48HRS of payment.

Australian Owned Battery Company


Not the exact Deep Cycle Battery you're looking for ? BROWSE OUR FULL RANGE OF DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES  With AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - Need Expert Advice - Freecall Now - 1800 853 315


We get asked a lot about Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries vs AGM Deep Cycle Batteries. Here are our thoughts on the topic - At present we believe that lithium batteries for their cost won't give returns like an AGM Deep Cycle Battery in terms of the cost vs power output. So, like all new technologies we would rather wait till the customer is getting what they pay for in terms of power that is cost effective - if that makes sense ? Aussie Batteries experts firmly believe that an AGM Battery at say $269 will give our customers in present times a much better return on investment. 


Eclipse 4x 130AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery has a rating of 4.83/5 based on 6 reviews.

I purchased 4xbatterys

Yep the battery’s are performing great at the moment I got good service from Qld to SA

on 11 February 2021

Very good batteries

very good batteries since installing them they been working pretty well they came well packed with all the needed hardware very happy with them.

on 23 June 2020

130AH 12V Eclipse AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Recently installed and yet to test in the outback while prospecting but all seems to be operating effectively in the van. The main test is yet to be conducted in the field and will update review on completion of trip in September 2020,

on 19 March 2020

House bank for my Boat

Batteries installed. Made a huge difference. Plenty of power now.

on 17 March 2020

Powwr plus.

What an awesome battery. Put 4 of then in my golf cart, played 18 holes and the voltage hasn't dropped enough to put the charger on. You can't get better than that.

on 18 February 2020
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Eclipse Power 12V 130AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 130.0 AH
Dimension Length: 330 ±3mm
Width: 173 ±2mm
Total Height (with Terminal): 222 ±2mm
Approx Weight Approx 30.0 Kg
Terminal F12
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 130.0 AH/6.50A (20hr,1.80V/cell,25°C)
Max. Discharge Current 1000A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 5mΩ
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -20 ~ 60oC (-4 ~ 140oF)
Charge : 0 ~ 50oC (32 ~ 122oF )
Storage : -20 ~ 60oC (-4 ~ 140oF)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25 ± 5°C (77 ± 9°F )
Bulk Charge Initial Charging Current less than 30A.
Voltage 14.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/oC
Float Charge No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 13.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -20mV/oC
Capacity affected by Temperature 40oC (104oF) 103%
25oC ( 77oF ) 100%
0oC ( 32oF ) 86%
Self Discharge Eclipse Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC(77oF) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.


7 year battery warranty - 1 year full replacement warranty with 72 month pro-rata replacement warranty

For more information, please read our full warranty policy

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