6.4kWh 12V 540AH Tubular Gel Battery Bank (2V cells)

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With superior cyclic life compared to lead acid batteries, tubular gel batteries are some of the best batteries available for projects that require reliable, long lasting batteries.

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Main Technical Advantages

  • Plate: Positive plate adopts tubular plate which can prevent active material falling, and adopts multi-component alloy frame. Fine corrosion-resisting performance and long service life. Negative plate adopts special radiated structure.
  • Separator: Special micro-pore PVC-SiO2 separator from European AMER-SIL Company. The separator has large porosity and low resistance.
  • Electrolyte: Germany gas silicon dioxide, electrolyte in Gel state in the battery, which inhibits any acid leakage.
  • Safety valve: Adopts German technology, accumulator case expansion, mitigating potential damage and electrolyte dry up can be avoided.


  • Solar energy, wind energy
  • Electric power, nuclear power
  • Communication
  • Ship, maritime affairs
  • UPS, medical facilities and emergency lighting
  • Situation with high environmental protection and energy-saving
  • Better safety performance and reliability
  • Designed service life of 20 years

Bank Inclusions

  • 12x 270AH 2V Tubular Gel Batteries
  • 10x 2 B&S Series Cable 250mm length
  • 2x 2 B&S Parallel Cable 350mm length
Please note: Wiring supplied with this bank is designed for a standard battery bank configuration. Other wiring configurations available upon request.
  A high turnover of battery stock ensures our customers are always getting the freshest battery

Additional installation items available including - battery enclosures  HRC battery fusing  warning signage


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Giant Power 2V 270AH Tubular Gel
Nominal Voltage 2V
Capacity 270.0Ah@100hr to 1.85V/cell
Dimension Length: 103 +/-2mm (4.06 inches)
Width: 206 +/-3mm (8.11 inches)
Container Height: 355 +/-3mm (14.0 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal): 390 +/-3mm (15.3 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 18.0 kg
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity F.V=1.85VPC
C100 = 270(Ahr)
C48 = 250(Ahr)
C24 = 225(Ahr)
C10 = 200(Ahr)
Max. Discharge Current 1000A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 0.6mΩ
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -20~55oC
Charge : 0~40oC
Storage : -20~50oC
Cycle Use / Bulk Charge Initial Charging Current less than 40.0A
Voltage 2.37V~2.40V at 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -5mV/oC
Standby Use / Float Charge No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 2.25V~2.30V at 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -3mV/oC
Self-discharge <2% per month @ 20oC


7 year battery warranty - 3 year full replacement warranty with 48 month pro-rata replacement warranty

For more information, please read our full warranty policy

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