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Deep Cycle Battery Reviews - Our Customer Deep Cycle Battery Reviews are 5 Star - Learn More About Our Top 3 AGM Deep Cycle Batteries!  Below is a quick comparison of Aussie Batteries Top 3 bestselling Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

Read our Deep Cycle Battery Reviews and find out what our customers have to say about the best deep cycle battery they have purchased from Aussie Batteries. Below is a comparison of the Top 3 Deep Cycle AGM batteries we tend to recommend to our customers who ask - What is the best Deep Cycle Battery ?

Aussie Batteries - Agm Deep Cycle Battery Comparison​ 

  • 1) Our Number 1 Bestselling AGM Battery is the 140AH Giant Power Deep Cycle Battery. Giant Power batteries are the best of the best!! Use them for many applications Camping, Marine, 4WD, Caravans and Solar, you won't be disappointed. 5 year pro-rata warranty!

Number 1 Best Selling Deep Cycle Battery 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery - FREE SHIPPING to most areas in Australia !

The Giant Power 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a high quality Deep Cycle AGM Battery that is suitable for Saltwater/Marine applications, Caravans, Motor Homes and Camper Trailers and most other applications. The GIANT 140AH AGM BATTERY is designed to FIT ALL MAJOR BATTERY BOXES!

  • 2) Our Number 2 Bestselling AGM Battery is the Eclipse Deep Cycle Battery Series. Our close second recommendation goes to the Eclipse (Deep Cycle) Battery Series. Eclipse Deep Cycle batteries are great all-rounders. With a high AH capacity, VO (heat resistant) rated case and CCA rating, they are the best battery for those who want a built in voltmeter and 7 year pro-rata warranty.

Number 2 Best Selling Deep Cycle Battery

130AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery - FREE SHIPPING to most areas in Australia !

Eclipse AGM Batteries have a voltage meter BUILT IN !! That's right you can now monitor your battery voltage with ease! The inbuilt functionality of a voltage meter allows you the ability keeps track of how much power your battery has left!  The Eclipse130AH AGM BATTERY is designed to FIT ALL MAJOR BATTERY BOXES!

  • 3) Our Number 3 Bestselling AGM Battery is the 120AH Giant Power Deep Cycle Battery. Giant Power 120AH AGM batteries have outstanding deep discharge recovery with high oxygen-recombination efficiency that ensures no loss of electrolytes, giving these batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance just in case you accidentally discharge your batteries a little too much! This also guarantees you will never need to replace electrolytes during the course of the batteries life.

Number 3 Best Selling Deep Cycle Battery 120AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery - FREE SHIPPING to most areas in Australia !

This 120AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a high quality Deep Cycle AGM Battery that is suitable for Saltwater/Marine applications, Caravans, Motor Homes and Camper Trailers. These are ideal ancillary batteries to fit into your caravan, 4x4 vehicle or camper-van.

Here at Aussie Batteries, we stock the largest range of the best value Tier 1 top quality AGM Batteries in Australia.  Aussie Batteries is Australian owned and operated and totally independent! Below is a comparison of customer feedback, deep cycle battery reviews and testimonials about our best-selling and highest reviewed Deep Cycle AGM Batteries . Here are some of the recent testimonials we've received from our customers. We understand that getting the best batteries and solar can be very confusing and also quite expensive if you get it wrong! That is why we choose to put our customers solar and battery reviews at the forefront of what we do. We believe these reviews show the quality of our products, service and ongoing commitment to dependable power solutions.

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Great battery at a great price, used it a few times over the past few weeks, runs my waeco and lights for 3 days without thinking about going flat. Awesome product

KIRK G on 10 July 2020

Big Battery

Thanks to the team at Aussie Batteries great price and awersome service

Kellie B on 10 July 2020


Informative and excellent service

Phillip Sullivan on 25 September 2019

130 a/ h agm x3

Omg. First big trip away Free camping 2 x Engel freezers running camping lights and a tv only being charged via a smart alternator on the d-max or 200 watts of solar on roof. 4 days so far no stress about power

Todd brown on 9 July 2019


Excellent to deal with Quick efficient delivery

Rhonda B on 9 July 2020

Eclipse 130ah AGM

Quality battery at a good price. Delivered to front door in expected time. Thanks!

Ken C on 8 July 2020

So far So good

Ordered 2 of these warehouse sent out one, they were super responsive and acted and replied to emails within minutes and got it sorted ASAP, Very impressed at team especially Anita!!! and very handy device to have connected to your equipment.

David L on 18 June 2020

150a solar watt meter

very prompt service and great product

Andrew T on 17 June 2020

So far so good

This is marketed as a solar meter but works on any imput output that you want read worked first go so will let you know how it holds up

Anonymous on 13 June 2020

150A Watt Meter

Very Handy Unit 150A Watt Meter and the team at Aussie Battery's very Helpful and quick delivery thanks team will buy again

Barrie Burgess on 11 June 2020


knowing what your solar panels output is when its overcast is vital.i am so happy with this solar meter. i can measure the output off all my 12 appliances as well . everyone should by one.. the panel is hard to see in the sun but just cover with your hand when reading it! thanks AUSSIE batteries and solar

Gary M on 13 May 2020

Watt meter

Nifty gadget

Don S on 2 May 2020

Well done!

The service was very good and the product was a great price and quality they are working very well!!!

Janet W on 7 July 2020

140 amp deep cycle

These batteries are the " bees knees" . They hold their charge well and are a quality product. Very impressed.

Craig H on 2 July 2020


These hammer axe multi tool is a fantastic little tool to have in any four years have used it heaps

Sean K on 9 July 2020

Hammer multi-tool

Great little hammer axe multi-tool added bonus on top of great batteries at great prices

Ehren K on 9 July 2020

Hammer axe

I thought it would be bigger but it’s good quality

Bill E on 8 July 2020

Hammer axe

I thought it would be bigger but it’s good quality

Bill E on 8 July 2020

Fantastic product!

This tool is so handy, all the basics you need, even split some firewood for us. Everyone we show wants one too!

John R on 8 July 2020

Solid little tool

Seems like a well built little addition to the setup. I’m sure will come in handy.. good quality materials and got some good weight to it

Alex P on 7 July 2020

Living the dream

Giant power 120ah AGM battery has been perfect for my power hungry camp setup

Darren W on 5 July 2020

120AH D/cycle battery

Great product for the price, so far battery performs as I hoped, holds charge well with 65 litre fridge and lights working of evening. Charges up nicely with solar panels.

Michael M on 1 June 2020

AGM 300ah 12v

Hi want to wait to do a review so I know how they preform I bought a set of AGM 300ah 12v and they have been working great at first i didn’t have enough solar panels to bring them up during the day but do now and haven’t had to touch them for over 2 years and looking like they will continue for a long time. NOTE they aren’t getting drained more then 20% each day then full charge again except rainy days coming down to 30-40% but charger is turned on to fill them, thanks Aussie Batteries

Tony Dowling on 17 September 2019

300 amp AMG

A good strong set Of 4 service excellence

Norm R on 2 August 2019


Good to have to see the battery is at correct capacity. Tho I find the cycle Of information to be a tad fast at 1 second instead of 1.5 or 2 seconds

Philip H on 1 February 2020

battery watt meter

meter and power analyzer

Peter D on 27 September 2019

Watt Meter x 2?

All Seems OK. Good looking and appears well made Maybe you should offer an adapter cable set ( X 2 as a kit) to allow interconnection between test sources, I finished up purchasing 2 units because I wanted install one permanently into my battery box (hence the lug model) so I purchased the lug model. I then noticed the Allen plug unit on another W/site which would have solved my problem first up and is multi purpose. I now have a more universal unit after making adaptor cables with alligator clips and Allen plugs which surely would have been a cheaper result.

Drew Wilson on 16 August 2019

Battery Watt Meter

Item was promptly delivered and is performing as advertised. No issues with installation or function.

Carol K on 8 August 2019

Useful, but could be better

Provides everything you might want to know about a battery powered circuit, but missing a few features that would make it even better: 1. LCD display is only readable in a very narrow range of angles, surely they could use a better display. 2. There is no way to reset the accumulated values without shutting the circuit down (and everything plugged into it). Would be nice to have a reset switch. 3. Only measures current in one direction (discharge or charge) if you want to measure both you would need two of these

Alastair B on 29 June 2019

battery meter

great addition to 130ah battery

Mick O on 18 June 2019

Eclipse 280ah deep cycle battery

Both the company & battery are tops. Battery going great, Aussie Batteries are great too. Thank you muchly.

ALAN F on 24 June 2020

Replacing the battery bank

I've order the batteries over the phone. The consultant was very knowledgeable and helpful. Batteries arrived before schedule and undamaged, it was a heavy load of 4 batteries at 60kg each. One minor hiccup - couple of serial cables were missing but were delivered promptly after one phone call. All round it was a good experience and I'm happy with the batteries so far.

VOYTEK L on 9 June 2020

Parallel Cable

Great product speedie post

Byron L on 25 October 2019


Giant power 140ah 12v deep cycle agm powered battery box combo

Kevin Elphick on 8 July 2020

Big Bad Battery

More than happy with purchase and delivery, time will tell how the battery will perform...

Paul M on 7 July 2020

Battery combo

Fantastic product. Just took awhile to be delivered. But still great customer service

Alan F on 1 July 2020

Battery combo

Fantastic product. Just took awhile to be delivered. But still great customer service

Alan F on 30 June 2020

Special Application

The Combo is an excellent choice for a critical UPS. In my case it is for Security, Internet and sub-net systems. I highly recommend this Combo Unit, it is good value for money

Ralph Dunstone on 27 June 2020

Deep Cycle AGM Powered Battery And battery box

Works great

John S on 24 June 2020


One of the best buys I’ve made! 110% happy with it! Long lasting,

Joel I on 15 January 2020

Gel battery

Fitted well in place of old one. Packed well and delivered promptly.

George Falzon on 13 January 2020


These eclipse 130 amp deep cycle battery’s are great with the two I run 2 fridges and lights and they were a great price and super fast delivery very very happy thanks Aussie batteries

Sean Kenny on 9 July 2020

Deep Cycle battery

Great service even if the things went wrong the communication is the key to solve the problems and you guys did that , thank you.

Andrew S on 9 July 2020

New Batteries

I got hold of these three 160 ah rated batteries, to replace the older three 150 ah rated, that I use in my off road caravan as house batteries. they seem to be performing well just a couple of months out, but I guess that time will tell. I did get great service from the team at Aussie Batteries; thank you!

Roy S on 21 November 2018

Very happy with this product.

Really happy with how this battery has performed! we have had it for over 12 months and it has not missed a beat. Thanks for your expert help - happy to recommend your company for excellent products and service. Thanks

Peter on 18 July 2018

Great batteries - great service

We have been off grid for nearly 3 years. We have found the big 330 Amp hour batteries to be great. We had one problem that was solved by a successful warranty claim and great service follow up. When two batteries arrived damaged in transit- they were replaced immediately! How good is that?!

Jack Pearce on 20 June 2020

Great batteries - great service

We have been off grid for nearly 3 years. We have found the big 330 Amp hour batteries to be great. We had one problem that was solved by a successful warranty claim and great service follow up. When two batteries arrived damaged in transit- they were replaced immediately! How good is that?!

Jack Pearce on 20 June 2020

BBQ multi tol

Should be quite handy when camping and quite good quality

Val Y on 26 October 2019

The bbq tool

Perfect for the bbq great tool for camping love it

Phil B on 24 October 2019

Great Gift

Just like to say thank you for this wonderful gift which I received as part of a battery purchase. Service was excellent and I was kept up to date along the purchase process.

Alan W on 24 October 2019

BBQ Tool

An extremely handy device - perfect for camping

Jeremy N on 24 October 2019

Gallant Barbeque Multi Tool 5-in-1

It was a freebie, and who doesn't love a freebie, but it's gimmicky thing and not really functional.

Warren W on 17 October 2019

Compact BBB tool

Great all in one bbq tool ideal for caravanning or camping.

Ron C on 17 October 2019

Perfect for caravan

Purchased the 190ah battery for our caravan.with its slim fit it fits neatly under van seats. lighter than two 120 ah and takes up only 1/4 of their space. With two solar panels gives heaps of power including running Engel all night . Highly recommend

David W on 7 April 2020


Undoubtedly the best battery I've ever put in my system. My vehicle carries 500AH of battery power and this battery has been the easiest to fit into the limited space. It's heavy but it's compact and stands on its end against the cargo barrier, no spilling, no bulky battery box taking extra room, just slim, flat and out of the way and awesome power on tap. I'll never but another wet cell battery again.

PHIL J on 4 April 2020

Three 120 AH AGM Batteries

Exceptional customer service re product and delivery to my door and a great battery to boot!!

Richard Field on 3 January 2019

Camping battery

Great value for money, a real deep cycle battery

Grant L on 10 October 2018

Purchased of another Agm battery

Purchased another Agm slim line battery after getting over 5 yrs from last battery

Craig C on 30 April 2020

Great battery

I love having a slimline battery as it is able to be mounted in tighter places. Definitely gives me more room to fit camping items in the tray. Fast delivery on the battery. Overall highly recommended.

AARON on 28 April 2020

Battery cover

Great product

David N on 29 February 2020

Battery Heat Shield

Never used one before a couple of weeks ago, so to be fair I don't know how it's doing, but it looks the part!!

Mark R on 26 November 2019


Great cables thick and strong good continuity.

Rienie P on 3 June 2020



Anthony A on 2 June 2020

Battery purchase

Battery purchase

Peter M on 25 February 2020

Pairing cables

Great cables. Perfect length. Perfect thickness. Perfect strength.

Mark A on 22 February 2020

Worth the coin

I initially only purchased one set of these as i wanted to see the quality diffrence between a few other sets i had about.. needless to say i will be buying a few more of these in the near furure. Great product and well made 10/10

Aaron S on 8 February 2020

new batteries

quick delivery from order payment right to our door , very good value when compared with other brands particularly the guarantee , would recommend these batteries to anyone ,can't comment on draw down time as yet as haven't been away to test them .

Alan A on 28 January 2020

Mounts Solar panel

Worked great mounting my solar panel on horse float great service thanks

David G on 30 May 2020


Exceptional products. Would help if we were reminded that they are made for flat surface. If you have a curved roof like my camper you will not to use extra packing

Robert C on 18 February 2020

solar panel corner brackets

the product suited my needs

Malcolm N on 20 June 2018

Solar Mount brackets

Mount brackets are very good quality but are very bulky and large, you need to know mount brackets sizes before purchasing so that solar panel width and mounts will fit on caravan roof properly.

christine f on 16 May 2018

Gallant Multi Tool

Very useful tool. Keep it in the car for quick retrieval if needed.

Rita S on 14 July 2019

Very handy tool

Excellent tool, stays in car within easy reach.

Aaron M on 3 July 2019

Multi tool

Very cool thanks

Warren G on 2 June 2019

Great tool top quality. Thank you

Great tool top quality. Thank you.

Michael S on 2 June 2019

Gallant Multi tool

Great tool especially the locking blades

John D on 17 January 2019


Multipurpose tool is very handy. Thanks for the present guys.

Mike A on 16 January 2019

Emergency culter

Very great gift and is of good quality. Thanks

Peter T on 1 November 2019

Great service

I recently bought 2 batterys from Aussie Batteries and solar which was a awesome deal and fantastic service then unknown to me they sent a bonus multi tool later on and this was of excellent quality the same as the batterys well done team and thank you from Scott at Cairns

Scott W on 31 October 2019

Emergency Multi Tool

Well I never thought I’d make use of one of these rather useful gadgets. The Gallant tool certainly is a nice piece of kit although I had a wee bit of difficulty opening up the blades but once opened once they were no problem after that. Certainly is a useful kit for those odd moments so it’s kept handy now in the SUV in case it’s really needed for an emergency as intended. It’s got plenty of features and was a surprise when it arrived as a gift. Battery also of great quality if I can mention it. Thanks to Aussie Batteries once again, it’s nice product of outstanding build quality. Feeling like McGiver... lol

Ken M on 31 October 2019

Multitool review

Absolutely love it. Top quality; every camper should have one.

Bernard C on 31 October 2019

Multi tool

Great addition to my existing tools

Marvin F on 20 July 2019

Multi tool

An OK tool

Colin Lindsay on 7 July 2019

Confirmed delivery of batteries, boxes, cables & a

I have had the batteries & boxes installed into my caravan by a very good auto electrician & he has set wiring & fuses very neatly & easily accessible. I haven't had the opportunity to try the axe out yet .All very good & thank you for your great service

Bruce M on 7 July 2020

Great combo

Excellent set up , works really well , great value

John B on 5 July 2020

Thank u

This a fantastic product and fits in our Mitsubishi Triton perfectly

Berry L on 4 June 2020

Battery box

I have used my products and am very happy with thing I could be picky with no usb plug on the box..

Tina O on 23 April 2020

Battery combo.

Excellent product. Prompt delivery. Good value.

Eddie G on 15 April 2020


I am totally happy with the service,Delivery & Performance of my purchase.

Eddie G on 14 April 2020

No problems with purchase,tried to purchase 5m tem

as above

JOHN H on 2 June 2020

Very good quality

The first on was so good so I bought another one for my pump house.

Paul F on 18 February 2020

20A Tracer MTTP Solar Charge

Very happy

Errol Taylor on 13 August 2019

Solar charge controller regulator

So far so good. Testing at home. Haven't gone camping yet but am sure will be a huge improvement to what I have now. Thank you for your prompt delivery

Minke K on 6 September 2017



David R on 31 May 2017

Giant Power

I received the batteries in less time than stated. They were in excellent condition complete with the cabling. Overall very happy with the purchase.

Rodger A on 22 June 2020

Happy campa

Top product. Fast delivery

MAC D on 19 June 2020

45ah 12v Gel type Deep Cycle Battery

Very pleased again with the product and prompt delivery. Thank you

Alan W on 14 February 2018

45 amp AGM Giant battery

The battery has been a great addition to the power needs in my 4WD. Running night time lights and a fridge it is my standby battery if the main Giant 80 amp AGM becomes overworked due to hot temperatures or a longer stay than anticipated. The 45 amp was used to provide another day of battery power a number of times as temps were 33 degrees on my last trip. Pricing was competitive and this was my second purchase of a Giant AGM battery as I have been happy with the performance of my 80 amp after 3 years of travel over dusty corrugated roads.

Anthony C on 27 August 2017

Great team service

The team were great to arrange and deliver on time no damages to the batteries.The batteries are working great. Thanks everyone

George G on 15 August 2018

2v 200amp tubular gel battery


Brett H on 21 February 2018

Solar regulator

So far so good, I've seen no fault with this solar regulator and like it's digital layout. I've ordered the remote meter, and I'll connect that, but top ratings for this product

Kevin B on 6 June 2020

Great MPPT that stood the test of time

I have been seeing great reviews about the EPEver Tracer range for over 3 years and finally got this 30A one. This has not dissapointed - solid performance. Easy to install and to use!

Stephan Lindeque on 6 April 2020

Great service!

Quite shocked actually.. I recieved a call from you seeking NOT that I purchase more product but simply following through on whether I'd received the product & also if I wanted any advice on maximising the potential of my purchase. I will at a later date lol. Three days after ordering my purchases arrived by courier - 1500 kilometres in three days is good in my books. Looking forward to a couple more items then my full time retirement travelling with zero electricity bills. Thankyou for your customer service.. Andrew Stewart

Andrew S on 5 November 2019

6v batteries

work and perform well good product for the price

Neville C on 24 April 2019

Love the product.

If you have the space and you can pick up 60kg then this is the battery for you. It solved my battery issues. Looks after my 45L fridge,TV/DVD, shower and all my little power drawing devices. Excellent price and a 7 year warranty. You will be more than happy with the item.

Matthew L on 30 November 2019


I brought this to go off grid in caravan and it runs my fridge 24/7 and I have power always

Belinda+ C on 6 July 2019

Projecta powered battery box

Awesome product

Mark B on 30 June 2020

Projecta powered battery box

Awesome product

Mark B on 30 June 2020

Battery box

All good arrived ON TIME

Garry D on 23 April 2020

140 giant deep cycle battery and battery box

Only had a couple of days set it unlocks good battery very heavy which is a good sign a bit concerned with the battery box it looks good but no instruction of how to woke it ie which anderson plays for in and out of source and load or do both of them do the same. Will connect up to fridge and solar and see what happens. Should have instructions with case. Delivery service excellent could not ask for more will keep you informed John drak

John.drake on 6 February 2020

Projecta Powered Battery Box

Projecta Powered Battery Box

Colin Bilston on 22 November 2019

Battery box

The service was excellent when purchasing the battery box, there was some confusion with delivery costs but this was quickly cleared up after talking to the customer service staff. Upon receipt of the battery box I fitted our 130 amp battery quite easily. The box features a number of different ways to access power from the battery which make it ideal for camping, with the many and varied components that need charging. The price and quality of the battery box is excellent. I am happy with my purchase

Robert L on 21 February 2018

Mully's Home Maintenance

I was very happy with Aussie Batteries. But very dissatisfied with the so called Toll Delivery Service who choose to drop of parcels at any place suitable for them and not at the stated delivery address.

Lindsay Mullins on 8 July 2020

Giant Power 90AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Excellent service plus free prompt delivery. Perfect fit for my slide on camper replacement battery.

AGNES R on 20 June 2020

Charge controlled

Has served me well so far however the readout is a little confusing. Maybe a little more explanation in the manual would help with the battery level readings.

Mr Paul F on 27 June 2018

Awesome piece of kit

I've just built a stand-alone PV-battery-inverter system; totally separated from the house supply, and it is powering my laptop, radio and stand lamps right now. 1K PV (4 panels), 40A MPPT Tracer, 2 of 200AH gel batteries and 1kW Redarc sine inverter. Works like a dream. I think we need a blog site to share ideas on this topic.

David B on 12 January 2018

looks the part

You have timed this badly as I am currently waiting for a recharge from a full discharge and it is now the third day. I will admit that it is only early on the third day and sunshine was scarce yesterday however the first day was full sunshine all day with 500W of solar panels how come I only gained 20%

Mr Paul F on 17 March 2017

Great Product

We had a thunder 20A DC-DC charger installed in our camper van and it works a treat. Love the % display too.

Jayden R on 1 July 2020

Solar charger

Works a treat

Kevin H on 15 October 2019


Great product easy to use

Alastair N on 7 October 2019

Battery charger

Put the charger to the test with a recent trip to cairns and was quite impressed. Kept my second battery completely charged during the trip

Marvin F on 20 July 2019

Very Good

Nothing to complain about

Drew A on 5 July 2020


The service I received from you was excellent however the freight company failed badly with the 4 batteries being separated in transit and thus arrived in drubs and drabs.

ANGELO R on 4 July 2020

Solar roof mount


David W on 27 February 2019

Solar Panel cable entry block

Just what I needed. Simple to utilise and fix in place

Norman B on 27 June 2018

Double entry cable block

Good product received within a couple days of ordering

peter thompson on 11 January 2018


Great company to deal with.

Gary W on 10 April 2020

What a gem

This battery is just amazing. We went to Somerset dam for a week recently and we were running a 95L fridge, lights and charging phones and the battery never dipped below 65%. Paired with solar panels it charged very effectively. We were never left wanting any power to ensure our camp was running effectively. I am recommending this battery to everyone I know. All I can say is fantastic fantastic fantastic!!!!!

Anthony Mare on 12 October 2019

Battery Box combo

Fast delivery, and quality goods.

Happy on 20 April 2020

recent purchase

once toll eventually delivered the battery , it worked fine on the camp trip, Anita was really helpfully chasing Toll up for me. I think you should switch to Australia Post for deliveries, better tracking system and more reliable and deliveries can be left at local post office for collection. Thanks Gary

Gary M on 6 January 2020

Battery Pack

Well couldn't be happier at the moment. As soon as my auto lec saw what I purchased he was impressed. Now I'm impressed since it has been fitted in the tub and is cranking like a beauty. Performing to expectations and now may even add a solar to the situation once I get a little bit more cashflow happening. Nice work on the deal fellas.

Gary Mccarthy on 7 November 2019


Very happy with performance and charge life

Peter T on 3 October 2019

Battery Powered

Purchased this combo unit to power my waeco fridge instead of running it off my stop/start battery. So far it has done the job perfectly without any problems Staff at Aussie Batteries were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Product arrived quickly and in good condition, and freight free Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for all your battery requirements, top service

Warren C on 28 August 2019

Battery an box

It is exactly what i wanted and works very well

Christine L on 26 July 2019

2 x Giant Power Fridges (73L and 95L)

I have had my 2 fridges for over 12 months now, I have a family of six going away self sufficient for up to 3 weeks at a time. Using both fridges and freezer modes during this time on solar system. I just returned one for a slight electrical problem. 100% satisfied with the repair under warranty. I cannot recommend these fridges more to anyone wanting reliability. And yes they provided my Jayco camper trailer setup as well. Thank you guys for the complete package.

Derek Overs on 2 April 2019

73 l Fridge/freezer

Great product so far.well made. Works really well

Peter L on 6 February 2019

Awesome product

Had the older model to this one and it did really well.

Sam on 23 November 2018

Giant 73L portable fridge/freezer

Delivered on time, and works well

ANDREW J on 4 April 2018

Cold stamina

I bought and installed the Giant 73L fridge with separate freezer into my van conversion. It is only sitting on the floor unsecured as I bounce along dirt roads in National parks. I’ve had it 1 year through the cold of winter and heatwaves with the van locked up all day. Must have been at least 50c inside van. It is great to return to the van after a hot bushwalk knowing there are cold drinks waiting for me and steaks in the freezer.

Chris on 13 March 2018

Works great and is built strong.

Love this fridge - it worked great over our last trip and I can use it for shopping or around the house as well as camping trips. We have been really happy with its performance. Dual zones is a nice feature as well. Thanks to the guys on the phones for their help the quick delivery was good.

Lisa on 1 November 2017

The batteries appear to be all you say.

TNT were shocking. The pallet was smashed the delivery was five days after they had notified me it was going to be delivered,though the person who delivered it was fine. Satisfied with the product. Also good to be able contact supplier for technical information.

Ronald Porter on 28 November 2018

300 amp hour battery

A excellent product delivered on time and in good condition. Performs as described.

DEREK T on 27 September 2018

85AH AGM Deep cycle battery

Battery delivered as promised. All is good so far.

Robert S on 13 February 2019

85AH Giant Battery

Great battery at a great price!

Nicholas F on 9 January 2019

130w solar

Happy with product

Steve S on 25 September 2019

130w 12v Portable Solar Panel with Kyocera Japanes

Excellent product, easy to set up.

Robert G on 14 April 2018

Kyocera 130w portable solar panel

The Kyocera 130w portable solar panel worked well and maintained good voltage in 120 AHr AGM battery running 65L fridge/freezer and 4XLED lightbars (4 hrs/night). Conditions; late winter, cloudless days and moved panels to maximise exposure to the sun. Small mounting screw missing from PWM controller.

James C on 27 September 2017


After having gear failure I looked to Aussie batteries and I’m very pleased with the service and the product

Gregory C on 29 December 2019


After having gear failure I looked to Aussie batteries and I’m very pleased with the service and the product

Gregory C on 28 December 2019

2 years on

Purchased 8 of these (2 strings of 4) for our domestic off-grid home nearly 2 years ago. They are living up to our expectations and doing their job faultlessly. Have checked them for 'balance' 6 mths ago...all perfect. Haven't had a blackout or power bill for 2 yrs. Would buy these again in a heart beat.

Matt Cole on 31 October 2018

Solar kit

I am very pleased with my kit easy to follow instructions and all fittings are of quality.

Robert B on 5 June 2020

Solar Panel Power

Already have some of these panels on the caravan and adding more, will have total 500w with 2 controllers and 4 batteries, all working great. As before these are a good reliable product at the right price.

Allan S on 5 December 2018

My Solar

The recent addition of an extra 200w solar kit has increased my caravan roof solar power to 400w. All working perfectly with my 4 batteries. The system is divided into 2 parts with 200w solar panel 2 batteries and controller and same for the other 200w solar panel batteries and controller. Excellent setup.

Allan S on 12 September 2018

Giant fridge and solar set up

Very happy with this product. Company was great with contacting and delivery.

Miriam S on 19 June 2020

Couldn't be happier

Fantastic system. Very easy to use. We can now camp wherever without having to worry about power. Only issue we now need to purchase a slide for fridge/freezer. Might be a good idea to have the kit have that as an optional extra.

Andrea on 15 February 2018

Happy apart from shipping...

Awesome product, impressed with the quality.. Very disappointed with the shipping company you used (Toll), who didn't deliver the package on the day they were booked too... Said if I wanted it, I'd have to collect it myself.. This annoyed me, as I paid extra to have it express shipped..

Daniel H on 7 February 2018

Fridge kit

This kit is bigger than what I thought I needed for one person but I have found it excellent. I have been camping in National parks and driving on some rough, dusty fire trails. The solar cells charge the batteries well and the two compartment fridge means I can have a fridge and freezer. The battery cases have lots of useful connectors. My only small problem is not being able to have taller bottles like milk standing up with the basket in place and sometimes they leak a bit on their sides. A little hole or fold away section at the bottom of the basket would be excellent to allow the tops of bottles to poke through. In fact I am going to make that change when I get back to home base.

Phillip W on 10 January 2018

73 L complete solar fridge kitt , owner

so far so good , great assistance from suppler , with great value

Geoff Carroll on 28 June 2017

Great service

Fast, easy to deal with service. Fantastic product.

Derrick C on 29 May 2020

120 amp Giant deep cycle batteries

Good price & doing the job so far. Staff helpful.

Les S on 22 April 2020

deep cycle batteries

Great deal for big batteries, free delivery, all good.

John M on 21 March 2020

130amp agm

I would highly recommend these batteries as I Have recently purchased 3 ×130 amph batteries for my boat for a 36 volt set up for a minkota electric motor an are very happy with the battery life

Rod W on 24 December 2019

2 years on !!

@2years on, and still working fine, keeping a 130amp hr, Giant AGM battery from you guys , using a80 watt panel,in perfect charge. We use it to run the lights at night, stuff Ergon, and recharges the battery every day. Highly recommend.

Edward fay on 25 May 2020

Solar Charger Review

Fitted up, only a week old, appears to work well, good readout of what is happening with the battery bank. Time will tell

EDWARD F on 7 February 2018

Fux All

This product is very good and I have used it before. Bonds strongly when used as directed and reasonably quickly.

Shane M on 2 April 2020

200W Portable Solar Panel

I had previously bought a 300w Solar Panel on EBAY. The new one I bought from Aussie Batteries is of far better quality and actually produces the power it says it would. I compared both panels under same conditions and the Aussie Battery Panel seems to produce three to four times more power (Watts) than the "300W" from Ebay. I have attached two 140 AmpHour batteries, GIANT from Aussie Batteries to the Solar Panel and I run my 12Volt, 60 Liter fridge freezer via these 2 batteries. I live off grid and have not been able to afford an expensive solar system, but this kind of setup works really nicely , even on a cloudy day. The batteries never run low.

Meinolf Klemens on 9 June 2020

200watt solar panel

Works well, good output. I think I may have paid too much for this item, as after purchasing it I found a virtually identical product for sale at my local 12v shop for $400. Hopefully this product is truly better quality as it is claimed on the website!

Clinton W on 21 October 2019

30A Viewstar 12/24Vk PWM Solar Charger Controller

Verry Happy With this Solar Charger work will

Richard D on 24 April 2019


works great

Stephen S on 13 June 2018


These batteries are awesome

Mal Kays on 5 May 2020

330 ah agm

Pleased with these batteries they are doing the job well

JACK H on 7 April 2020

My Aussie Battery Experience

The experience from you has been exceptional with BJ being most helpful & courteous. The order arrived promptly too.

Rosy T on 21 February 2020

6 volt agm 550 amp

Happy with the batteries and service thankyou

Brett Lloyd on 23 January 2020

Very good batteries

very good batteries since installing them they been working pretty well they came well packed with all the needed hardware very happy with them.

Joseph F on 23 June 2020

130AH 12V Eclipse AGM Deep Cycle Battery

Recently installed and yet to test in the outback while prospecting but all seems to be operating effectively in the van. The main test is yet to be conducted in the field and will update review on completion of trip in September 2020,

TREVOR S on 19 March 2020

4months and going strong

Went halves with a mate in Nov. We've both been using it for 4 months with a battery and solar panel. Wish we got a larger panel to perform better when overcast however everything has been great. May upgrade to dual zone when Hector leaves Oz.

geoff on 8 March 2020

50L fridge freezer

gave the fridge a test run down to Coffs Harbour recently and it performed faultlessly. Technical specifications appeared to be close to advertised claimed information. So far so good.

Robert Christison on 14 December 2017

Cold "Drinks" in the snow.

Great fridge, even when you're caught out unexpectedly by snow. Enjoy.

Steve on 8 November 2017

50L Portable Fridge/Freezer - Travel Series

Although I have only used it once on the road this product could not be faulted. I managed to get 3 days of constant use off my AGM battery until I required a charge. Probably could have gotten another day but wasn't taking any chances. This just shows me that the fridge uses minimal power to keep food cold and fresh. Easy to read and monitor from the control panel. It now sits in my home as a beer fridge until my next trip away.

Murray L on 4 November 2017


very good solar equipment and battery runs my fridge above my expectations

Mark H on 9 January 2019

Giant power batteries

Great batteries for there value Received iterms prompt delivery time good communication between supplier and there transport delivery services no damages Thanks heaps as this is our 2nd purchase of different batteries from you good quality all around Can't wait to purchase more Giant Power Batteries for our standalone solar system

George G on 28 April 2020

My Aussie Battery Experience

My experience was very pleasant as usual & certainly prompt. Thank you again.

Rosy T on 12 March 2020

Battery purchase

Great service and delivery. quick considering I live in far North Queensland. Very happy with new batteries and the system is loving them! Thanks Aussie bateries

Jamey C on 19 June 2020

Battery purchase

Great service and delivery. quick considering I live in far North Queensland. Very happy with new batteries and the system is loving them! Thanks Aussie bateries

Jamey C on 18 June 2020

The complete travellers power kit

The 125 watt foldable solar kit and battery pack are a great addition to my backup power solution. Quick and Easy to set up and gives plenty of options when out and about travelling and free camping. Would recommend to anyone looking for extra portable power.

Allan S on 23 February 2019

Solar/Battery kit

Product was great

Gerard H on 24 November 2018

Awesome Kit

Very happy with this kits performance and great price with fast delivery thanks

Sam on 6 September 2018

Awesome Kit

Very happy with this kits performance and great price with fast delivery thanks

Sam on 6 September 2018

PC800 Pro-Charge Range

Got the PC800 8A projecta charger delivered other day and it’s an excellent unit, can’t go wrong with this range makes life easy, cheers.

DAVID on 13 February 2019

Excellent charger

Great charger! Easy to use and makes charging any battery a breeze, I leave my AGM batteries connected while not in use, knowing that they won't be over charged and there kept in the best condition possible

Anonymous on 9 June 2017

Projecta 12v 21A 6 Stage Battery Charger

Very happy with the product, it gets daily use charging a 140 w/hr 12v battery that drives a 3 Kw inverter for 6 hours every day. I especially like the 6 stages of charging feature and also that it stops charging when it detects the battery has full charge. This means I can leave it permanently connected to the battery and run it unattended on a timer overnight when electricity is cheaper. I must say in all fairness the first one failed within the warranty period, HOWEVER one 5 min phone call to Brooke @ Aussie was all it took to for them to send a replacement SAME DAY, few questions asked! They even included a return paid postage label for the faulty unit. Replacement arrived within 2 business days! You can't say any fairer that that! Delighted with the service and I genuinely feel fully confident shopping at Aussie Batteries. The replacement unit hasn't missed a beat so far, (touch wood.)

Adrian T on 12 March 2020

21 Amp 6 stage battery charger

Excellent customer service - 6 Stars ******

Adrian T on 4 March 2020

21A 6 Stage battery charger

Very happy

Adrian T on 4 March 2020

agm charger

I use this Projecta to manage the health and use of my two AGM batteries. It is trouble free and the best for this task. Love it.

Kevin D on 4 December 2019

Giant 140 AH Deep Cycle Battery & Powered Battery

I am very happy with the quality of both these products however the height specification given on your website for this combination is incorrect (primarily because of the physical height of the 140 AH Giant battery) & consequently they will not fit in my vehicle in the intended space. I have fitted the batteries without the boxes & will be returning the boxes for a refund.

William Hitchcock on 20 March 2019

Very happy with price and performance of these 2 X

Very happy with price and performance of these batteries and the boxes - wish I just bought the boxes years ago. Thanks

Sammy on 2 December 2018

2x140 amp

Very pleased with the service and delivery time. Toll were very helpful keeping me informed of the ETA. I have only had these for a month so a bit early to tell yet. The battery boxes look to be a quality product and I like the status display. I would definitely recommend Aussie batteries

Terry D on 25 January 2018

Batterys and boxes

They are great very easy to install.

David F on 18 January 2018


Perfect for the job

Jeff L on 14 June 2020

12v Batteries (190amp slimline)

These would have to be the best option going for caravan/camping solar system. Can get them into confined spaces and easy to handle. You can even lay them on their side. Recommend to travelers wanting reliable 12v power for fridges/freezers and lighting.

Bruce L on 20 March 2020

Projecta automatic battery charger

An excellent charger, does everything advertised.

Ronald Bloxham on 3 April 2020

Good charger

Great product, fast delivery. Everything working as expected.

Lincoln S on 21 March 2018

needed cables

For those that are configuring there battery arrays into multiples of 12v systems, these are great cables at just the right length to jumper between batteries in either series or parallel.

Anthony M on 4 June 2020


Good quality

Kevin W on 1 May 2020

Brilliant Fridge

This fridge is amazing I’ve had it for over 2 years, take it everywhere. It was dispatched quickly and has done everything promised.

John Jackman on 24 September 2019

550 AH

They seem very good, no complaints, but it will be interesting to see how long they will last !

Peter D on 5 May 2020

Review 13.2kWh 24V 550AH AGM Battery Bank (6V cell

Hi, Purchased these batteries online and was completely happy with the delivery time and product. Have them operating in an off grid house and performing very well. Will be back, Regards

Greg T on 20 February 2020

Great quality products & very helpful staff!

I'm very pleased with the performance of my battery bank! The staff at Aussie batteries are very helpful and accommodating! I'll certainly continue to remain a customer of Aussie Batteries in the future and recommend others do the same!

Russell Arthurson on 8 July 2020

Great product

I bought the 48v 550AH AGM 6v x8 batteries .They are working great ,Very happy with my purchase

Bruce C on 2 July 2020

Review for 265W 12V Complete Custom DIY Solar Kit

Exactly as specified. Very happy with this purchase. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add a solar solution to setup.

Chris A on 22 July 2019

Diy solor

Awesome kit came with everything. So simple to set up

Clint N on 9 January 2019

160 watt solar panels

High quality panels and excellent after sales service, my second purchase from Aussie batteries, I wouldn't buy from anywhere else.

Gary on 18 January 2020

160w 12v Portable Solar Panel with Kyocera Japanes

Good quality and easy to set up. Bit hard to fold back up as there is no hanger for the cable when it is rolled up.

DAVID M on 8 January 2020

Good batteries

Batteries delivered on time, work perfectly, all connectors etc included.

JOHN S on 16 April 2020


Great fans

Shaun B on 17 March 2020

Waterproof cable connector

No problems so far

Jeff K on 7 May 2020

power pack

have these in a mobile home and have used them less than I wish I had. they have proven to be solid and reliable so far.

Mr Paul F on 27 June 2018

so far so good

the service is all that they say it will be. as to the life of the batteries it is to early to say after one year of low usage

Mr Paul F on 17 March 2017

Solar Satisfaction

I've been using the 315 watt solar panel for a year now and it is great. Charges my 230A/H AGM battery even under cloud although at a reduced rate of course. I didn't clean it for a few months but it still charged at a reasonable rate. When I finally got around to climbing up the ladder, I found the panel was quite dirty and had a few bird droppings and dead insects on it. Also the glue they supplied with the panel worked well but you must prepare the roof surface well and scour the surface of the brackets well to give a long lasting grip. Follow the instructions to the letter.

Chris on 12 March 2018

95 litre fridge freezer review

I had purchased this fridge for remote work and to travel around Australia. Best thing ever, practical easy to programme and suited our needs. It had been in storage. I went to go on a trip with the boys so I best get the fridge ready in the truck as per previous set up. Two weeks prior to goin away worked like a charm, the week end prior to setting off it was reading different readings, mmmm checked the manual all good. So I called Aussie batteries and solar , no disrespect but I had the runnaround for a few days. They were very helpful and advised I was to be sent a new fridge, to this date I can not fault the fridge or Aussie batteries and solar and I recommend the company and it’s services to all. Keep up the great customer service

Craig B on 18 October 2019

95L Portable Fridge Frezzer

Awesome car fridge had mine over 2 years now still works like new after many camping trips, Beach Trips

Micheal Gilmour on 16 February 2019

Fantastic performance

Have used with our Jayco setup for 2 years now. We have 2 of these fridges running off our Jayco custom battery system from Aussie batteries. Very efficient setup. Never let's us down. Easy to use.

Derko on 3 October 2018

I like Giant Power 95L Portable Fridge/Freezer

It's really useful

Sullivan on 23 January 2018

Battery Bank

So far very happy with the product ( 8 X Giant 550A/H 6volt cells). Holding over 24v during the night draw. Unfortunately they took over 5 weeks to land in Perth from Brisbane mainly due to the transport companies computer system being hacked and the lock down caused by the Covid 19.

DAVID C on 8 July 2020


Delivered quickly, well packaged. Good instructions for diy install and all items required were included in the kit. Had it installed and working in an afternoon. very happy!

Peter J on 10 September 2019

Great system

We have been on the road for 6weeks out in the channel country fishing and camping running fridge lights and shower batteries always full of charge by 11am 95litre fridge freezer perfect size by the way freezer se at -11 fridge set at-1 thanks jay after sales service great you can give anyone my number if they want my opinion cheers

Geoff lyson on 12 September 2017

Excellent company with great products!

What a great kit this is! So simple and easy to use, Aussie batteries has taken all the guess work out of choosing size of batteries and solar panals, high quality products, excellent price and great company to deal with, ask for Jay and he will look after everything giving you expert advice if you don't no anything about a product or what you need! Will recommend Aussie batteries to all my mates

Anonymous on 9 June 2017

Great products and service

Great package, great price. Couriers in country areas unfortunately hopeless products left at local produce store, separated and no phone call. Just as well my wife wax buying chook food.

STEVE L on 19 May 2020

275W solar kit

Good service and speedy delivery. Excellent advice over the phone very helpful and appreciated.

BRIAN S on 7 February 2020

Efficient & prompt

My experience was positive. I rang with some queries and got good answers quickly. The quote was quick. I picked up from the warehouse and that was also efficient and simple. So far (2 months) in the batteries are going well.

Wal Mayr on 24 June 2020

Great service and great batteries

transaction was easy and the batteries are great

dean m on 29 April 2018

5 stars

Fantastic company to deal with. Really helpful, great quality battery and box. Easy to install, works perfectly and delivered to Western Sydney in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend and will definitely buy from again!!

Mathew A on 22 April 2018

Great batteries for a great price!

We are an eco-village in New Zealand. The batteries in NZ are very expensive so we looked at importing them from Aussie. We searched the web and arrived at Aussie Batteries who were willing to ship the batteries for us at a good price. We are very happy with the batteries. They require no maintenance which is a relief compared to our old ones. I can highly recommend Aussie batteries! Thanks from NZ.

Stephan M on 20 February 2020

12.3kWh 12V 1025AH Tubular Gel Battery Bank

So far they are living up to expectations ... great service getting the batteries to my farm but then had problems getting a connector replaced .. 3 attempts to get the correct replacement (lenght and style) in the end I gave up and used the best of the replacement connectors ( still not the correct lenght ) you sent ... I dont understand how something so simple could be so hard to get the right piece sent first time ???? anyway

Murray Q on 16 July 2017

50L Fridge Solar Kit

The products themselves I am very happy with. I did however have a faulty regulator and the fridge came with no handles. Once I made contact the handles were delivered along with a replacement regulator. Once I received the items I then went to use the solar panels to try the new regulator which were now not functioning. I did call to fault find and was then told I had to get the panels back to the store myself to have them checked or replaced which has been problematic as I reside in Toowoomba. I would of like a few options to get the panels back for replacement. The service however has been very good so far. The fridge and battery have performed very well on the last camping trip even without the panels functioning correctly.

Timothy on 26 June 2017

Carbon batteries

I haven’t had the lead carbon batteries for long now but are performing very well running solely on the batteries for my house the recharge rate is significantly quicker than other batteries that I’ve had in the past hoping they will perform for many years to come

Tony D on 1 July 2020

Best battery

I bought carbon lead battery bank and they have exceeded all my expectations I highly recommend these batteries and aussie batteries and solar

BRENDAN on 15 April 2020

Lead carbon

They perform well running a fridge 24/7 and other appliances as well would recommend talking to the guys there knowledge is great

TONY D on 5 July 2020

For the buy battery

Currently I used 5kw 48vdc hybrid Invater but daily I need to used 2 kw power. Can I know how much I need to battery bank neededt thanks

Bapan Bihary on 5 May 2019

I fitted my solar panels and wired the kit up on the weekend. It took me two afternoons to install the solar panels and wire it all up. All good so far. I feel as if I've entered the 21st century being able to flick a switch and have lights out on the farm. This has been one of the most rewarding steps in our build progress. I finished wiring etc at about 7 pm on Saturday. It was cloudy and the sun was about to set so I didn't expect to see any input from the solar panels, but they immediately began to charge the batteries with about 100 watts.

I must say, thank you very much for the service you're offering. After all the rediculous qoutes I received, I thought the only option I had was to get a system together on my own through trial and error. Experimenting with different products and set ups would have cost me a lot in time and money. Your ready-to-go off-grid kits were a perfect fit for me. If I did it again I'd probably have gone directly to one of your bigger kits, instead of starting small and upgrading, but I was cautious at first, thinking your offer seemed too good to be true.

Kevin Lester, NSW

I'm just sending this email to say thanks for a great product and service you guys provide. I bought 3x130W panels, 2x150Ah batteries and the rest of the kit from you and integrated into my camper trailer I was building. So far I spent the last 15 days driving from Melbourne to Darwin and still haven't had to use mains power to charge the batteries, all solar the whole time. Thats running a 60L freezer, 40L fridge, all LED strip lights, stereo, inverter, waterpump and 12V outlets. I've made the trailer so that I could have the panels charging while driving which definitely helped.

Anyway, thanks again for a great product and prompted delivery, I've already referred some mates to your company who are looking to get some solar themselves.

All the best,

Rob, Victoria

It is rare to receive such personal, caring , and efficient service these days, congratulations, you have restored my faith in dealing with online purchasing, I wish there were more people out there with such good business ethics and people skills. I have been ill for several months with depression, however after speaking with you my spirits were greatly uplifted. Thankyou Suzanne.

I have spoken to a number of people about the service that I am receiving from yourself and your Company and I will recommend to anyone to make purchases from you. My words are from the heart as I don't believe in patronizing people, however, I do believe in giving merit and praise when it is earned and deserved.. Kind Regards Lester.

Lester, South Australia

Dear Mr. Gathercole,

We are writing to you regarding recent dealings we have had with your company.

We called to discuss having Solar fitted to our van and were greeted by a very friendly receptionist who called a staff member to assist us, Lachlan gave us a great insight into what we would need as we were lacking knowledge about solar, we were given quotations to go and study before making our decision.

After deciding what was needed, we returned and finished up having it fitted last Thursday, the standard of workmanship was excellent, and the care taken second to none.

We wish to congratulate you and would you please pass on our appreciation to your staff who dealt with us, it is so wonderful to receive good genuine honest service when dealing with something you have no idea about.

In our traveling we will have no hesitation in recommending you to those who ask “where we had it done”,

Once again thank you

Mel & Chris Jones, Queensland
I have no hesitation in recommending Aussie Batteries. Although I purchased only one solar panel, I was treated as their most important customer. It was a pleasure to do business with a friendly, efficient company and the delivery was exceptionally fast. Andrew, South Australia

I recently purchased a deep cycle battery and some solar panels from Aussie Batteries. I placed the order online and the goods were dispatched the following day.

However the courier only delivered the battery. I then phoned Aussie Batteries and explained to Suzanne that the solar panels weren’t delivered with the battery.

Suzanne could not have been more understanding or accommodating. She immediately phoned the courier company then returned my call within 15 min, explaining that the courier company expected the solar panels to arrive the following day as they were most probably packed onto separate trucks.

The next day failed to see the arrival of the solar panels so I phoned Suzanne once more. Again Suzanne acted promptly and professionally, she re-contacted the courier company and was advised by them that the parcel was lost. Suzanne then phoned me, explained what had happened and assured me that she would replace the solar panels, without any additional costs being incurred, and apologised for any inconvenience.

Aussie Batteries were in no way responsible for the loss of the solar panels, yet they happily replaced them, acted in good faith and were totally professional and courteous in their dealings with me. Even though I have never dealt with Aussie Batteries before I was made to feel a valued customer throughout the whole proceedings.

I look forward to doing business with Aussie Batteries again, not only do they behave in a business like and professional manner, but provide friendly, courteous and personal service.

Peter Clifton, Cundletown NSW

When I was looking for a solar solution for my camper trailer and boat, I was looking for a portable solar product that would survive the tough Pilbara conditions but also give me value for money with the right advice.

When dealing with the team from Aussie Batteries & Solar, I received the right advice, great personalised service and a great solar set up that keeps the fridge running and the cans cold day after day!

Thank you Aussie Batteries & Solar for a great product and excellent personal service!

It’s nice to deal with an Aussie business that still values it’s customers.

Chris Gillingham, Port Hedland WA

I would like to congratulate you on your excellent customer service.

I found your website easy to use, delivery of the 80W solar battery charger was made to my home address in NSW was within two working days.

Online payment option was easy, and your phone staff were excellent.

I have made two purchases recently and will recommend your service to others.

Mr. K. Wade, Lake Cathie NSW

I have just purchased a 240W Tri-panel from you. clearly a quality product. I just wanted to say thank for the excellent service. Whilst the panel was slightly damaged in transit by the courier company (who I understand you have now sacked) you responded quickly to my email and had no hesitation in sending the replacement corner protectors on the panels. Peter called me when the office said he would and was very friendly answering my technical questions clearly and succinctly. Well done Peter! How refreshing to have an Aussie company that understands and cares for the customer and serves them well, which clearly came out in my conversation with Peter.

I will tell as many of my 4 x 4 mates as I can that they should call your company first and to stop wasting time hunting all over the internet for the best deal on batteries and solar, Quality and service is King! A wise old man told me once that people remember the quality long after they have forgotten the price. Your service is great and in this case the price was very fair as well. I will be back!

Keith Blakely