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Solar Panels Buying Guide - Solar Panels & Battery Storage - Choosing the Best Solar Panels to Get Off The Grid Solar Power.

What do you need to know before you install solar panels? Going Off the Grid with Solar Panels & Battery Storage.

The cost of solar panels in Australia has become very affordable in recent years.  Presently, solar panels are priced anywhere from under a hundred dollars to upwards of five hundred dollars each; depending on various factors. Becuase of all these factors it can be very hard to select the best solar panels to use for your solar power system installation. Quality Solar Panels are especially important in Off Grid Solar applications. It is not wise to base your buying decision on solar panel costs alone. The following are a few tips for choosing the best solar modules for your installation and situation.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of Solar Panels depends on a range of factors. Generally speaking, Solar PV Modules suitable for use in a home and as part of a grid connect system installation; may cost a couple of hundred dollars each with subsidies taken into consideration.

The cost of a solar panel ranges due to many factors such as capacity (in Watts), the physical size, the brand, quality of materials, the durability/longevity (or warranty period) and any certifications the solar panel might have. In other words, the price you’ll pay for Solar Panels will depend on the number of solar panels as part of a package if you’re buying a full system. The more modules in the system, the less cost per unit (generally speaking).

Choosing solar panels on price alone is not the wisest choice, as what you select may not fit the area you wish to install it, or the brand/model may not have the necessary certifications to qualify for government rebates. Also, the solar modules may not provide the best performance to help ensure economic payback of the power produced or a solid warranty from a well-established company.

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