Smart Battery Chargers & Multistage Battery Chargers

Smart Battery Chargers - 12 Volt Multistage Battery Chargers

A Smart Charger for your batteries can improve the overall performance and life of your batteries. It is importabt to get a correctly sized and good quality multistage battery charger. As the construction and chemistry of deep cycle batteries is different to that of regular car cranking batteries. It is important to make sure that your chosen battery charger is not intended for car batteries as this will not be suitable for charging deep cycle batteries. A smart battery charger or correctly configured multistage battery charger is required for sealed and wet-cell lead acid batteries to achieve their full charge.

A Smart Battery Charger should (as a minimum) incorporate the following charging stages:

  •    BULK charge in which the charger delivers a high current charge which returns the battery to around 80% of its full charge.
  •   ABSORBTION charge where the battery charger holds the output voltage constant but allows the charge current to reduce. This stage allows the battery to absorb the remaining 20% of it's capacity.
  •  FLOAT charge where the charger voltage is lowered to maintain the battery at full charge without risk of overcharging.

* Remember that the battery charger's output voltage levels for the above stages must match those specified by the battery manufacturer.  Gel and AGM batteries are generally charged and floated at slightly lower voltage levels than wet-cell batteries. That means incorrect voltage selection can result in undercharging or overcharging of your batteries, both of which will reduce their performance and life. Most larger battery chargers incorporate another stage or operating mode that is called EQUALISATION (or Boost on a CTEK charger). This mode lifts the battery voltage to a higher level, such as 15V for a 12V battery, and holds it there for a period of time approx. 2 hours. This Equalisation funtion is generally only beneficial for wet-cell batteries, but can help balance some AGM batteries. Best to check with the battery manufacturer beforehand.

If you need help choosing the right smart charger or multistage battery charger contact our 12 Volt Solar and Battery experts via email or freecall 1800 853 315 . Let us help you get the best brand and style of smart battery charger for your Deep Cycle Batteries, Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats, Solar and 12 Volt Battery Systems.


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