Portable Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panels allow you to take the conveniences of home with you when you head outdoors camping. Aussie Batteries and Solar have your portable solar needs covered with a great range of portable solar panels: flexible solar panels, solar panel kits and DIY solar kits. We know the joy in hooking up the caravan and taking off for a few days in the outback, we also know that the only real problem is getting the power you need. While you can take a generator with you, a portable solar panel might be a better choice - there are many good reasons, from free electricity to saving the environment. When you use a portable solar panel, you will always have power when you need it, with no need to fire up a noisy generator, burning petrol and polluting the air around you.

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At Aussie Batteries & Solar, when you buy a portable solar panel from us, you can rest easy knowing the portable solar panel you bought has been built by hand in Australia at our factory. We build every portable solar panel using the finest domestic and imported parts to ensure that you will always get the finest quality portable solar panel on the market.

Emergency Power

No one ever wants to think an emergency situation could arise which would leave you without power. But as long as you have a portable solar panel to power your most important needs, you will survive until the power comes back on. While you may not be able to power your home with a portable solar panel, you can buy a portable solar panel large enough to provide the power to charge your mobile phones, run a small cooler, and keep the batteries charged in your caravan.

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