150A Battery Watt Meter

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Ever wondered how much power was being drained from your battery? It's often difficult to measure this without special equipment or expert knowledge - until now.

Enter the Battery Watt Meter, a simple device that is easily installed and provides you with all the key ratings of your battery loads in real time.

Installation is easy - the watt meter has two ring terminals for connecting to your battery, and an anderson plug for loads. The device is installed in-line between your battery and loads. Once there is power flowing through, the device will initialise and show you a full range of ratings including:

  • Current (Amps/A) at the present moment
  • Voltage (Volts/V) at the present moment
  • Power (Watts/W) at the present moment
  • Total Amps (Amp hours/Ah) since device initialised
  • Total Power (Watt hours/Wh) since device initialised
  • Highest Voltage Maximum (Vm) since device initialised
  • Highest Power Peak (Watt Peak/Wp) since device initialised
  • Highest Current Peak (Amp Peak/Ap) since device initialised

The Battery Watt Meter only requires a tiny 7mA draw to operate, so there will be no significant reduction in your power production during usage.


150A Battery Watt Meter has a rating of 4.53/5 based on 34 reviews.

150A Battery Watt Meter

The meter does exactly what was advertised and works very well. Delivery was also prompt, a few days to get to Regional Victoria. My only additional feature request would be for a load data reset switch, to reset the monitor after charging the battery.

on 16 December 2021

Watt meter joy

I have only used this in basic testing but found it works as advertised. Rubberized housing is nice and it feels rugged. Display is easy to read. Mine came with Anderson plug on one side and lugs on the other. I have replaced the lugs with another Anderson plug as that meets my needs better. Would be nice if we were given a choice when purchasing. Not sure but I think the ad photo may have shown dual Anderson plugs.

on 13 October 2021

Staying in control

The battery watt meter is awesome keeps me in control at a glance

on 24 September 2021

150A Battery Watt Meter

Are happy with our purchase from Aussie Batteries.

on 3 September 2021

Dick in Caloundra

Item works as advertised, installed easily

on 18 August 2021
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150A Battery Watt Meter Specifications
Safe Operating Voltage 0V - 60V
Safe Operating Current 0 - 100A Intermitten
50A Continuous
Note: this assumed the device's writes are in free air, and attached to connections at or below temperature of 35C with adequate air flow. 100A operation time depends on ambient and wiring temperatures.
Nominal Operating Conditions 0C - 50C ambient air temperature, non condensing humidity
Note: Max temperature must be reduced at max current rating.
Measurement Update Period 400 mS
Data Queue Sequence Time 2 seconds
In Circuit Resistance 0.001 Ohms
Operation Current 7mA
Auxiliary Power Voltage 4.8V - 60V
eg. from a receiver battery
Dimensions Approx. 200mm L x 42mm W x 25mm D (including anderson plugs)
Approx. 85mmL x 42mmW x25mmD (only watt meter unit)
Weight Approx 130g
Display Screen 16 Character x 2 row STN LCD
Battery Watt Meter Measurement Parameters
Voltage 0 - 60V, 0.01V Resolution
Note: 0V min. w/auxiliary power, eg. a receiver battery. Otherwise, 4.0V
Current 0 - 150A peak, 0.01A Resolution
Note: 65A continuous
Power 0 - 9000W, 0.1W Resolution
Charge 0 - 65AH, 0.001Ah
Energy 0 - 9000Wh, 0.1Wh Resolution


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