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Aussie Batteries FAQ

Aussie Batteries stock a huge range of AGM Deep Cycle Batteries. We provide very competitive pricing & services. As Australia's best-selling AGM Deep Cycle battery supplier, we're always willing to help our customers by answering any questions they might have about our battery products. Below is a list of frequently asked questions or you can call our team FREECALL 1800 853 315 for updated information.

We aim to process and dispatch orders on the same day if possible, or on the next working day if your order is later in the day (or on Sunday/Public Holiday). There are a few exceptions (e.g. some very large batteries or complex orders). You will receive an automated message with your Tracking Number or you can call our team FREECALL 1800 853 315 for updated information.

Delivery is free if you enter your postcode and delivery option comes up free. Otherwise, all available delivery methods and prices are displayed in the checkout and are based on the weight and delivery postcode of your order

To keep our prices as low as possible all orders are dispatched directly to the purchaser. However, we do offer in-store pickup call our team on FREECALL 1800 853 315

Our batteries and solar products are sent directly from our warehouse in Queensland, Australia. Need help or more information? Call our team on FREECALL 1800 853 315

We believe that 99.99% of batteries on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are mislabelled to gain a competitive edge. For example people have ripped off our branding and called their battery GIANTZ this is not our brand is intended to fool and trick customers into buying an inferior product! In addition to mislabelling batteries, low quality cells are used, it's the only way marketplace sellers can reduce the price and make a profit. Aussie Batteries exists as an alternative to the poor quality replacements by providing the best balance of price and quality with the best customer experience. Need help ? Call our team on FREECALL 1800 853 315

Please contact us immediately on FREECALL 1800 853 315.

Deep Cycle Battery FAQ

Can I Add an Aussie Batteries Battery to Another Brand or Different Size Battery ?

Yes, different brands can be used together as long as they use the same voltage and the specifications match the original battery. A major difference in capacity (AH) can damage your unit. Always, check your battery specifications for minimum and maximum power requirements for the best results simply - FREECALL our Aussie Deep Cycle Battery specialists today on 1800 853 315 they will provide deep cycle power advice and can talk you through your deep cycle battery setup and provide an Obligation Free Quote 

What is a "Flooded Lead Acid" deep cycle battery
Flooded lead acid (wet cell) batteries are one of the most common types of battery for deep cycle applications. The major difference between the wet type of battery and the sealed kind is that the end user is able to replace water lost through gassing via the vent caps in the top of the battery. The flooded battery has been around for a very long time but remains popular because it has a good balance between price and performance. A gel or AGM cell battery is generally somewhere around twice the price per amp hour that you would find in a flooded battery. Flooded batteries do require a lot more maintenance than their sealed lead acid counterparts because the batteries are not recombinant the water is lost through the top of the vent caps while charging. Replacing this lost water can sometimes be an onerous task, but it is a necessary one to get the most out of your battery.

What is a "Sealed Lead Acid" Deep Cycle Battery (VRLA's)
Sealed Lead Acid batteries are often referred to as being "maintenance free" or valve regulated. In a sealed lead acid battery the unit is sealed, meaning that water loss is kept to a bare minimum and also that you needn't put any water into the battery. Most of the sealed VRLA batteries are recombinant which essentially means that the water lost through the venting of hydrogen and oxygen in a flooded battery is the most common types of Sealed Lead Acid or SLA batteries that we carry are the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries; another is the GEL type of battery.

AGM batteries have a very fine Boron-Silicate glass mat in between the plates inside the battery. The mats are about 95% filled up with electrolytes rather than completely saturated. The considerable advantage of this type of battery is that they can be operated in almost any orientation and will even function underwater. They will also never leak, even if punctured.

GEL batteries have the electrolyte stored in a gel form; this also won't spill out even if the batteries are broken and also prevents the stratification that other battery types can have. Gel cells, however, do have some limitations; they take a slower charge than a comparable sized AGM battery. If they are overcharged voids can form in the gel which permanently reduces the battery capacity.

For deep cycle applications however the Sealed Lead Acid type of battery can be a great deal more expensive than a comparable Flooded Lead Acid battery. However, there are times when a sealed battery will better meet your needs than a flooded battery would. Particularly marine applications where stability isn't always a given, and ventilated spaces are hard to come by are often well tailored to a sealed lead acid battery. One other advantage that AGM and Gel batteries have over flooded types is the low self discharge rate. Where a Flooded battery will lose about 13% of its charge in a month, a Gel or AGM will lose 1% -3%.

What are the differences between a starting and deep cycle battery?
Generally speaking, there are two different types of lead acid batteries, Starting and Deep Cycle. If a starting battery is routinely deep cycled (discharged below 20%-50% of max capacity), it will generally fail after 30-150 cycles. The same starting battery will last for thousands of cycles if it is just used normally (2% - 5% discharge).

Starting batteries are generally designed to start some form of an internal combustion engine (car, truck, boat, etc). In a starting battery, you will find more lead plates, thinner and often made of a lead "sponge" similar looking to a foam sponge. This sort of arrangement means that the plates have much more surface area in the solution than a Deep Cycle battery and allow them to draw larger currents much quicker than a Deep Cycle battery.
Deep cycle battery, on the other hand, have much thicker plates and, they are solid, not sponge. These thicker plates have less surface area and thus less of the instant power that a starting battery needs. They are designed to be discharged down to 20% of their maximum charge repetitively. The thicker lead plates allow for this as they are much sturdier than their sponge counterparts.
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is an indicator of the amount of current a battery can deliver for 30 seconds at zero degrees Fahrenheit without dropping below a specified cutoff voltage (normally 10.5 volts). The cranking amps a battery can produce changes with temperature. The warmer it is the more Cranking Amps a battery will produce.
You can use a Deep Cycle battery as a starting battery provided that you take into account the lower CCA of a Deep Cycle battery. As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to upsize the battery by about 20% to deliver the same amount of cranking amps from a deep cycle battery. Also, the self discharge rate of Sealed batteries is a lot less than flooded lead acid types.

How long will my battery last?
How long a battery will last depends hugely upon the way it is used and how well the battery is maintained. Both overcharging and undercharging will have serious adverse effects on the lifespan of a deep cycle battery. In particular, you can seriously shorten the lifespan of a battery if it is used in a deep cycle application that it was not designed for. An example of this would if you were to use an automotive starting battery as a deep cycle battery.

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