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Deep Cycle Battery Sale - Shop Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Deep Cycle Batteries for Camping, Caravan, Camper Vans, Camper Trailers, Motorhomes, Marine, 4WDs, RV's & Off Grid Solar. We stock a large range of 6v, 12v, AGM & Deep Cell Batteries. Shop Australia's best Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Batteries, 12V Deep Cycle Batteries, Solar Batteries & Deep Cycle Battery Accessories for all your 12 Volt Power needs. Aussie Batteries Provide Australia Wide Shipping!


Deep Cycle Battery & AGM Battery

Best Deep Cycle Battery

For guaranteed reliable deep cycle 12V Deep Cycle Battery power while you are away camping or stuck at home during a power blackout! Shop our range of the best AGM Batteries that are designed for Australia’s tough conditions! 5 STAR Customer Reviews say it all!

AGM Batteries OnlineNeed Expert Deep Cycle Battery Advice? First-time user? FREECALL our Aussie Deep Cycle Battery team today 1800 853 315Our team will provide expert  AGM battery & deep cycle battery power advice and can talk you through your deep cycle battery setup & provide an Obligation Free Quote.

Deep Cycle BatteryWE OFFER SUPERIOR DEEP CYCLE BATTERY WARRANTIES!  Decades of experience in battery and solar setups means we know our customers need a reliable, resilient and dependable AGM deep cycle battery with an Aussie Industry Leading Warranty​!

Deep Cycle BatteryShop the best Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Batteries online in Australia from our range of high quality Deep Cycle Battery products; Flooded Deep CycleAGM Deep Cycle or Gel Deep Cycle Batteries with AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING. 

Best Deep Cycle Battery ReviewRead reviews for our best Deep Cycle AGM Battery range and learn about why we stock the best AGM deep cycle battery brands in Australia! 

AGM Deep Cycle BatteryOur AGM Deep Cycle Battery Sale range are Tier-One Deep Cycle Batteries

AGM Deep Cycle BatteryAussie Batteries offer the best deep cycle and AGM battery prices in Australia! + PLUS - Australia's best deep cycle battery warranties with 5 to 7 Years Pro-Rata.

Deep Cycle Battery OnlineAussie Batteries as a business care about the future and our products are designed so that up to 98% of our battery range can be reclaimed by battery recycling processes.

Deep Cycle Battery OnlineAussie Batteries deep cycle battery range is designed for extreme Australian operating conditions all our AGM Batteries are tested and use high purity, thick, lead-calcium alloy plates to ensure a longer battery life span.

Deep Cycle AGM BatteryShop online deep cycle batteries perfect for powering a variety of camping appliances for long periods of time including portable fridges, 12V light kits, use with inverters and many more 24V & 12V power applications.

Deep Cycle Battery & AGM Deep Cycle Batteries for Energy Storage & 12Volt 

Deep Cycle Batteries are one of the best Solar Energy Batteries for Camping, Caravans, RVs, 4WD's, Marine or getting Off Grid Solar Power. There are many different types of battery and solar setups for camping with deep cycle batteries such as flooded deep cycle batteries, GEL Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Deep Cycle Batteries (AGM Battery = Absorbed Glass Mat Battery). Aussie Batteries are 6V,12V, 24V Deep Cycle AGM Battery power experts we stock deep cycle batteries for a wide array of applications. We will help you get the best Deep Cycle Battery price and right size AGM Battery for your power needs! 

Deep Cycle Battery AustraliaAustralian Owned and Operated - Aussie Batteries stock Australias largest range of Deep Cycle Batteries online including AGM Battery, 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries, 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery and Battery Solar Accessory options with Australia Wide Delivery!  


AGM Deep Cycle Batteries



Shop for batteries online or speak to our deep cycle battery experts. 

Aussie Batteries have a huge range of the best Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Batteries for Sale with AUSTRALIA WIDE DELIVERY OPTIONS across our deep cycle battery products. 

Deep Cycle Battery Australia Need power for your camping fridge, inverter, camping lights or any other 12V appliances ? You can get it with a quality and reliable 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery from our range at Aussie Batteries. We specialise in 12 Volt Batteries, AGM Batteries & maintenance free deep cycle batteries. Our 12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Deep Cycle Battery range give superior deep cycling performance for many different recreational and industrial applications. Ask our team for advice about the various deep cycle batteries used in renewable energy storage systems such as AGM, Gel, Sealed Lead Acid and more. Buy Now & Pay Later with Free Delivery On Our Top Selling Batteries for Camping Power. We stock a large range of different AGM Battery sizes for reliable and portable battery power. Aussie Batteries and Solar are experts in AGM BatteriesDeep Cycle Batteries and Dual Battery Setups; we make sure that you get the best deep cycle power solution. Batteries for Caravans, 4x4s, Boats and more.....

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries 


Gel Deep Cycle Batteries                          

  • Spill proof making them ideal for 90° side mount 
  • Fast battery recharge capabilities and longer deep cycle battery  life using advanced AGM technology. 
  • Advanced maintenance free battery design
  • Perfect for multi-angle fitting with repeated battery recharge & discharge cycles.
  • Superior battery strength, durability & vibration resistance                                     
  • Long Deep Cycle Life                                            

Aussie Batteries range of Deep Cycle Batteries are made using the strongest internal lead construction and latest technical design features to deliver long-lasting, dependable deep cycle power.

We stock a comprehensive selection of AGM, Flooded and Gel deep cycle batteries built strong for Australia’s rough environment and tough operating conditions. Designed to provide superior deep cycling performance in a diverse range of commercial & recreational applications. We stock Deep Cycle Batteries for 4x4s, recreational vehicles like caravans, camper trailers and motor-homes, golf carts, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, marine systems, dual-battery systems and industrial equipment. Our range of AGM Batteries Deep Cycle Batteries and Accessories are a popular choice for Australians who are looking for dependable power for 12V Battery power systems. Our products are specifically designed for running a range of appliances including your portable fridge, 12V light kits, use with inverters and many more 12V applications. You also get one of the best battery warranties on the market with our 5 or 7 Year Pro Rata Battery Warranty.

Learn more about the Benefits of AGM Deep Cycle Batteries - AGM Battery Power - AGM Batteries and Deep Cycle Battery Power & 12V Power Setups for Camping and Caravans.

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries have all the advantages of Gel Batteries, but they are designed to take much more cyclic and voltage abuse than the standard 12V Battery. Deep Cycle is a great way to go when it comes to auxiliary batteries, but for many people AGM Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat) will have huge advantages over the conventional wet cell deep cycle battery. Our AGM battery range provide superior power for your 12V fridges, high powered inverters, lights or any other 12V appliances and much more.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery Information

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) is a class of lead-acid deep cycle battery in which the electrolyte is absorbed into a fibreglass mat. These batteries have a valve which will activate when the battery is recharged at high voltage. Valve activation allows some of the active material to escape thus decreasing the overall capacity of the battery. The lids /vents typically have gas diffusers built into them that allow safe dispersal of any excess hydrogen that may be produced during charging. They are maintenance free; and they can often be oriented in any manner, unlike normal lead-acid batteries which must be kept upright to avoid acid spills and to ensure the plates are sitting in the electrolyte. The plates in an AGM battery may be flat like wet cell lead-acid battery, or they may be wound in a tight spiral. The internal resistance of AGM batteries is lower than traditional cells, they can handle higher temperatures, and self discharge more slowly.

  • AGM batteries are totally sealed and are easy and safe to transport
  • They never need topping up with water
  • They can be safely mounted inside a boat, car, caravan, motor-home etc
  • AGM batteries only need to be vented to atmosphere, they do not need to be in a sealed box vented to the outside like wet batteries, and can be mounted on their sides or ends if needed.
  • Due to their very low internal resistance AGM batteries will fully charge at a lower voltage, and accept a much larger charge current, so when charging from a standard car/truck alternator these batteries will all but fully charge, and they will charge quickly, in about 3 hours!
  • AGM batteries can be discharged deeper than conventional deep cycle batteries without major damage.
  • AGM batteries only self discharge at the rate of up to 3% per month, and even after 12 months sitting idle can be recharged and put back into full service without any major damage. (A standard deep cycle battery if treated the same way will have destroyed itself, it will no longer hold a good charge)
  • AGM batteries were originally developed for the military, they are very robust.

If your main source of charging is from your vehicles alternator, or you need to place your batteries in spaces that are less than ideal, then you should consider using Deep Cycle AGM Batteries as they are totally sealed and spill proof. Other advantages include;

  • Longer service life (approx. 2-3 times life expectancy of a Flooded Lead Acid Battery)
  • Completely Sealed and Maintenance Free
  • Low Deep Cycle Discharge Failure
  • Low self-discharge rate (typically 1%-2% per month)
  • No gassing off, so they can be safely used inside an enclosed area
  • Can be used in saltwater and marine applications
  • Higher resistance to vibration
  • Higher bulk charge acceptance rate (which means a shorter recharge time)
  • Perfect for 12v/24v Appliances

Our 12 Volt Deep Cycle AGM Batteries give superior deep cycling performance for recreational and industrial applications including:

Deep Cycle Batteries for 4WD4WDs

Deep Cycle Batteries for Wheel Chairs Wheel Chairs

Deep Cycle Batteries for Mobility ScootersMobility Scooters

Deep Cycle Batteries for Boat and Marine Marine Systems

Deep Cycle Batteries for Dual Battery SystemsDual-Battery Systems

Deep Cycle Batteries for SaleRecreational Vehicles

Deep Cycle Batteries for Golf Carts Golf Carts

Deep Cycle Batteries for Scrubbers and Sweepers Scrubbers and Sweepers

Deep Cycle Batteries for Aerial Work PlatformsAerial Work Platforms

Deep Cycle Batteries for Industrial EquipmentIndustrial Equipment

Why you should NOT use an AGM Deep Cycle Battery under the Bonnet as a starting battery in your car: Oil, fuel and other engine lubricants may cause damage to battery casing materials. We strongly recommended that you avoid fitting Deep Cycle Gel Batteries under the bonnet of your vehicle as this will void the warranty. For expert, tailored, no-obligation advice on Deep Cycle Batteries EMAIL or call our friendly team on 1800 853 315

AGM Deep Cycle Battery - Superior Deep Cycle Performance. Giant Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries are the ultimate in deep cycle technology and performance.

What is an AGM Deep Cycle Battery: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology works by suspending a free electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators.  AGM mats work to eliminate the hazards associated with acid spills or leaks, and also have a sealed maintenance free design that avoids the need for regular topping-up of electrolyte, saving you time.

Giant  Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries utilise the following :

AGM Batteries Low internal resistance and low self-discharge rates.

AGM Battery Fast recharge and long battery shelf life.

When fully charged, Giant Power AGM Batteries can be stored for extended periods of time and recharged using a range of AGM compatible battery chargers with temperature compensation needed if installed in a high heat environment.

For more detailed AGM Battery specifications, please refer to the AGM Battery specification sheets shown below and also on each of our AGM Batteries.

AGM Batteries Deep Cycle Our range AGM Batteries are ideal for use in applications where fast recharge, improved vibration resistance, and superior deep cycle performance is needed for maximum power.

AGM Battery Under Bonnet Fitment Advice
Please remember that oil, fuel and other engine lubricants can cause damage to your battery casing.  We strongly recommended that you avoid fitting AGM Deep Cycle batteries under the bonnet of your vehicle as this will void the warranty.

Need help to find the right AGM Battery for your Caravan, Boat, Motor Home, Camper Trailer or Battery Systems email or call our friendly team on 1800 853 315 or shop for AGM Batteries Online with Australia Wide Delivery.

Our 12V Deep Cycle Batteries Are Built for Any Environment - AGM Batteries that will last the distance!

We stock a wide range of Flooded Deep Cycle, AGM Batteries and Gel Deep Cycle Batteries at the best prices! Aussie Batteries & Solar are proudly Australian. We specialise in solar and batteries and believe in supplying the hardiest and most suitable products that are built to handle Australia's harsh environmental conditions. See our superior range of Deep Cyle Batteries in a range of battery sizes 100AH,120AH,130AH,150AH.


Learn more about DEEP CYCLE AGM Batteries from the Battery University  or Energy Matters Australia

Deep Cycle Batteries Online with Australia Wide Shipping - Deep Cycle Batteries - AGM Batteries for QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, WA, NT, TAS, SA - FIND OUT IF YOU QUALIFY FOR FREE DEEP CYCLE BATTERY SHIPPING ! OR  CALL US 1800 853 315
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Queensland
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Brisbane
  • Deep Cycle Batteries New South Wales
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Sydney
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Western Australia
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Perth
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Victoria
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Melbourne
  • Deep Cycle Batteries ACT
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Adelaide
  • Deep Cycle Batteries Darwin and everywhere in-between!


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More information about Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Batteries

Deep Cycle Battery - Deep Cycle Batteries - AGM Deep Cycle Batteries - AGM Batteries - 6V & 12V Deep Cycle Batteries with Australia Wide Direct Delivery To Your Door!

Aussie Batteries stock the widest range of best quality AGM Batteries in Australia including AGM Deep Cycle BatteriesFlooded Deep Cycle BatteriesGel Deep Cycle BatteriesSlimline Deep Cycle Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries for Solar Battery Accessories with the best Deep Cycle Battery Prices in Australia and Free Shipping to most areas!  Aussie Batteries lets you shop the largest selection of Deep Cycle Batteries in Australia Online. Check out our Deep Cycle Battery Sale and view our Top Deep Cycle Battery & AGM Battery range of 6 volt, 12 volt, AGM & maintenance free deep cycle battery power products. Our range of AGM deep cycle battery products use Top AGM technology. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat, is a fibre mat that is placed between the battery cells that absorbs the electrolyte acid. This creates a durable, sealed, maintenance free and non-spillable deep cycle battery. 

Aussie Batteries are dedicated to selling affordable, all‑in‑one Deep Cycle Battery Solutions with expert advice and fast delivery! Our Aussie Battery team can help you get the best AGM battery! Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Batteries are designed to provide superior power & deep cycling performance for camping, recreational and commercial use & emergency deep cycle power setups. Shop our full range of top quality AGM Batteries Online & 12V AGM  Deep Cycle Battery options with **FREE SHIPPING!

A deep-cycle battery is a battery designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. Aussie Batteries stock a large range of AGM Batteries &  Deep Cycle Batteries for all your power applications.​ We stock an extensive range of purpose designed, 12V AGM batteries, boxes, trays, chargers, regulators and 12 Volt accessories. We specialise in high quality Tier One Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Batteries - Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries that are constructed using the best quality and most robust internal lead parts and latest technological design features to deliver longer lasting, dependable power solutions. 

Best Deep Cycle Battery ReviewRead reviews for our Deep Cycle AGM Battery range and learn about why we stock the best deep cycle battery range in Australia!

 AGM Deep Cycle Battery VS Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries  Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries vs AGM Deep Cycle Batteries; Here are our thoughts on the topic - At present lithium batteries for their cost won't give returns like an AGM Deep Cycle Battery in terms of the cost vs power output. So, like all new technologies we would rather wait till the customer is getting what they pay for in terms of power that is cost effective - if that makes sense ? ......So don't pay 400% + for the same power output just to get in front of new technology!  **Aussie Batteries deep cycle power experts firmly believe that an AGM Battery at $299 will give customers in present times a much better return on investment so you get more power for a better price with AGM Batteries !

If you need expert, tailored, no-obligation advice on Deep Cycle Batteries EMAIL or call our friendly team on 1800 853 315 or download and print our battery Power Estimator For Deep Cycle Setups to help you work out the best Deep Cycle Battery for your application.

With 6v, 12v, AGM Batteries & Deep Cycle Batteries it is important to make sure that there is sufficient battery capacity (AMP Hours) to power the equipment you intend to use. To get the best deep cycle battery setup, the size and type of battery accessories that you select should be dependent on the power application and operating conditions. You may want to calculate the amount of electricity used to run a device or appliance (watts or amps). 

  • To work out the best deep cycle battery for your needs you can download and print our battery Power Estimator For Deep Cycle Battery Setups this may help you begin to work out the best Deep Cycle Battery size for your power requirements and camping setup.

What Makes Our Range of Deep Cycle Batteries One Of Australia’s Best-Selling AGM Batteries.

When it comes to getting the best Deep Cycle Battery there are two things that really matter: Cycle Life and Warranty.  If you’re looking at a competitor’s battery and they don’t publish their cycle life, or offer a competitive battery warranty be very wary of the quality and value for money. Aussie Batteries guarantee our range of deep cycle batteries will give you years of reliable service and great value for your moneyDon't risk it on poor quality or cheap eBay or Amazon sellers - with decades of Deep Cycle Battery sales under our belt you can read our *FIVE STAR Deep Cycle Battery Customer Reviews and know you're getting QUALITY PRODUCTS- EXPERT SERVICE - DEPENDABLE WARRANITES AND PROVEN POWER SOLUTIONS from an Australian Owned and Operated Company!

Deep Cycle AGM Batteries  Deep Cycle Batteries That Are Tough and Built to Last

All our AGM Deep Cycle Batteries use the toughest internal lead components and advanced technical features, so they deliver longer lasting, reliable power. We offer superior battery warranties on all our deep cycle batteries compared to our competitors. Also, we think about the future and environmentally up to 98% of our battery range can be reclaimed through proper battery recycling processes.

Deep Cycle Battery  Deep Cycle Batteries with Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery

Our range of Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to be cycled (discharged and recharged) numerous times, this means that our deep cycle batteries provide power at a steady rate over a long period. A high oxygen-recombination efficiency ensures that there is no loss of electrolyte, giving our batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance

Deep Cycle Batteries   Deep Cycle Batteries For A Large Range of 12Volt Power Applications

Our range of 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries have “Absorbed Glass Mats - AGM" between the plates, this means that each 12v Deep Cycle Battery has a very fine fibre Boron Silicate glass mat layered between each of the internal plates, thus called AGM Batteries. Our Deep Cycle Gel Battery range offers a greater depth of discharge when compared to our competitors product.  

Deep Cycle AGM Battery Deep Cycle Batteries That Are Maintenance Free and Safe

Our Deep Cycle AGM Batteries have the added advantage of a superior ability to take abuse without the plates coming loose or knocking into each other and shorting out. Should your deep cycle batteries become damaged, they are designed not to leak acid and are 100% safe in sealed spaces.

AGM Deep Cycle Batteries Best Value and Best Deep Cycle Batteries Prices in Australia

Aussie Batteries and Solar have the best priced deep cycle batteries in Australia simply because we sell so many! We aim to give our customers the best value, quality and pricing on Deep Cycle Batteries & AGM Batteries in Australia. We also offer FREE SHIPPING to MOST AREAS IN AUSTRALIA 


We stock quality Deep Cycle Gel & Deep Cycle AGM Batteries that will last the distance, and back them above and beyond with exceptional warranties. You Can Shop Our Range of Deep Cycle Batteries Online or Instore and get deep cycle solar battery pricing information & specifications with the best value and best prices on 12V Deep Cycle Battery Systems & AGM Deep Cycle Batteries in Australia. If you need expert, tailored, no-obligation advice on AGM Deep Cycle Batteries or Deep Cycle Battery Setups EMAIL or freecall our friendly team on 1800 853 315 and learn more about the various deep cycle batteries used in renewable energy storage systems such as Gel, AGM, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries and more.

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