130w Complete Portable Solar Kit with Battery (Sharp Solar Cells)

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Designed for the tough Australian conditions, everything in the kit is built to high standards and backed by a great warranty. Best of all, the entire kit is a simple plug and play setup to avoid any mucking around, just plug it in and you're ready to go on your next adventure.

Set Inclusions

  • 130w 12v Portable Solar Panel with Sharp Solar Cells
    • Waterproof 10A Solar Regulator (IP66 Rating)
    • 7m Heavy-Duty Cable With Anderson plug
    • Carry Bag
    • Operation Manual
  • 105AH 12V Giant Power AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Fully wired battery box
    • 2x 12V Anderson Plug Input/Output
    • 2x Cigarette Socket
    • LED Battery Voltmeter
    • External Connection Terminals
    • Resettable Circuit Breaker
    • Supplied with webbing strap

Video Overview

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130w 12v Portable Solar Panel with SHARP Solar Cells
Max Power: 130W
Power Tolerance: 0%~+3%
Max Power Voltage: 17.8V
Max Power Current: 7.34A
Open-Circuit Voltage: 22.2V
Short-Circuit Current: 7.82A
Maximum System Voltage: 600V
Dimensions: Folded: 830mm x 546mm x 72mm
Opened: 830mm x 1095mm x 35mm
Weight: Approx. 13.5kg
Test Condition: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25°C


Giant Power 12V 105AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 105.0 AH
Dimension Length: 306.5 ±2mm (12.07 inches)
Width: 168.5 ±2mm (6.63 inches)
Container Height: 211 ±2mm (8.31 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal): 235 ±2mm (9.25 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 28.5 Kg
Terminal M8
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 105AH/5.25A (20hr,1.80V/cell,25ºC)
Max. Discharge Current 900A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 5.2m Ω
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -15º ~ 50ºC (5º ~ 122ºF)
Charge : 0º ~ 40ºC (32º ~ 104ºF )
Storage : -15º ~ 40ºC (5º ~ 104ºF)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25 ± 5ºC (77 ± 9ºF )
Bulk Charge Initial Charging Current less than 27A
Voltage 14.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/ºC
Float Charge No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 13.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -20mV/ºC
Capacity affected by Temperature 40ºC (104ºF) 103%
25ºC ( 77ºF ) 100%
0ºC ( 32ºF ) 86%
Self Discharge Giant Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25ºC (77ºF) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.


Projecta Battery Box
SUITS N70Z size batteries
INTERNAL SIZE H: 200mm W: 190mm L: 330mm
EXTERNAL SIZE H: 280mm W: 220mm L: 390mm
MATERIAL Polypropylene
ACCESSORY SOCKET 20A circuit breaker
CIGARETTE SOCKET 10A circuit breaker


25 year solar panel warranty - 25 year performance warranty - guaranteed 80% of rated solar panel wattage 5 year battery warranty - 12 month full replacement warranty with 48 month pro-rata replacement warranty 2 year general warranty - 2 year warranty - repair of replacement warranty for construction or components

For more information, please read our full warranty policy

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