2x 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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Dual Battery - 2 X 140AH Dual Battery Kit for Camping, 4WD, Boating, Caravans & Off Grid Solar Kits with Australia Wide Delivery


Save With Our Dual Battery Kit -You get  2 x Giant Power 140AH Deep Cycle Batteries and Cables with Australia Wide Delivery 

**Due to the current worldwide supply and demand issues, we are doing everything we can to give our customers the best batteries at the best prices. However, this is limited stock, and we will not tolerate abuse of our staff. We are truly doing everything we can to get Aussie customers the best power solutions with the best price! We assure you that our delivery and storage facilities have the highest hygienic practices and process. **We are also concerned for those who may not be able to buy immediately and have set aside battery stock. So if you are on a pension or disadvantaged in any way; please call our team to explore your payment options and guarantee delivery at a sale price - 1800 853 315

These 2 X 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are high quality Deep Cycle AGM Batteries that are suitable for Camping, Saltwater/Marine applications, Caravans, Motor Homes and Camper Trailers. They are ideal ancillary batteries to fit into your caravan, 4x4 vehicle or camper-van. Our range of AGM Batteries have outstanding deep discharge recovery with high oxygen-recombination efficiency that ensures no loss of electrolytes, giving the batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance just in case you accidentally discharge your batteries a little too much! This also guarantees you will never need to replace electrolytes during the course of the batteries life.

Why the GIANT POWER 140AH is our Best-Selling Deep Cycle Battery

  • A 140AH Battery will support most 12 Volt Setups and power requirements customers ask for.  
  • This 140Ah is compatible with most major battery boxes 
  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty
  • 140AH has a 12 Year Designed Service Life
  • Bolt Terminal Connections
  • In-house Warranty Testing Facility
  • Australian Owned and Operated Company
  • 5 Star Reviews – Customer Reviews show the quality of our product.
  • EXPERT ADVICE FREECALL  1800 853 315  or EMAIL 

This Package Features 2 X 140AH Batteries and the correct cables to link them up. You can link them in parallel giving you a whooping total of 280AH at 12V. Also if you wish you can hook up in series for a 24V bank with 140AH of storage using one of the cables. This kit is great value for those who are looking for bigger battery storage options. Need Expert Advice On Dual Battery Setups ? Freecall Now - 1800 853 315

 If you're looking for a great value combination package with a Battery and Box check out our Dual 140AH Deep Cycle Powered Battery Box Combo Pack.

140AH Deep Cycle Battery

This 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery Set is perfect for applications that require either frequent cycling or renewable power storage. Common uses include;

  • Running appliances when camping away from power.
  • Perfect for powering your 12V fridges, high powered inverters, lights or any other 12V appliances.
  • Excellent for use with a solar panel for charging.
  • Perfect for running in a dual battery system in a vehicle.
  • Superb for use in 4x4 and Marine Conditions.
  • Designed Service Life 12 years
  • Ideal for frequent cyclic discharge
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • Low self-discharge characteristic

When you’re away camping you need to know you have reliable power!  Getting reliable power when you are away camping is often one of the biggest headaches as you deal with working out the correct battery required to run items like fridge’s, 12V Lights, and other 12V / 24V accessories and items. Nobody wants food going off because they didn’t get enough battery power to run their fridge and camping setup!

Deep Cycle BatteriesSAVE TIME: Decades of experience in battery and solar setups means we know our customers need to have a reliable, resilient and dependable AGM battery backed by an Industry Leading Warranty!

Whether it's for daily use or backup power, the GIANT POWER 140AH AGM battery is the right choice for you. The Giant Power 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a high quality Deep Cycle AGM Battery that is suitable for Saltwater/Marine applications, Caravans, Motor Homes and Camper Trailers and most other applications. A GIANT 140AH AGM BATTERY is designed to  FIT ALL MAJOR BATTERY BOXES!

Need EXPERT BATTERY ADVICE  Call Our Team Today  1800 853 315.

Why not add a high quality battery box that will last for decades without aging or deforming and will keep your battery looking and functioning like brand new.

  A high turnover of battery stock ensures our customers are always getting the freshest battery

*Please note installing this battery under your bonnet or in electric golf buggies will void your warranty. More suitable battery types for these applications are CCA rated batteries. Need Expert Advice Please Call Our Team

Not the exact Battery you're looking for ? BROWSE OUR FULL RANGE OF DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES  With AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE - Need Expert Advice - Freecall Now - 1800 853 315

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140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery  Benefit from Maximum Power Availability.

Giant Power 140AH Deep Cycle Batteries will remove your worry by guaranteeing that you have a reliable battery power source. Let’s look at the range of benefits to using a 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery to power your camping, caravan, boating and 4WD adventures. We talk to so many disappointed customers about their experiences with inferior products generally bought on eBay. The benefit of buying a Giant Power 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery is reflected in the solid 5 Star customer reviews we receive for this battery. Giant Power are dedicated to making sure that your AGM battery provides you with exceptional power and performance giving you maximum energy availability!

140AH GIANT POWER AGM Deep Cycle Battery  Keep your Camping Gear or 12V System Running Smoothly.

140AH GIANT AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal ancillary batteries to fit into your caravan, 4x4 vehicle, camper-van, RV or other camping setup. The Giant Power range of AGM Deep Cycle Batteries have outstanding deep discharge recovery with high oxygen-recombination efficiency that ensures no loss of electrolytes, giving these batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance just in case you accidentally discharge your batteries a little too much! This also guarantees you will never need to replace electrolytes during the course of the batteries life.  Because of the rugged environments where Giant Power 140AH AGM batteries are used around Australia Aussie Batteries work closely with our customers to ensure our battery products are geared to meet your exact needs.

130AH Deep Cycle Batteries for Caravans and Camping Best Prices

Bestselling AGM Deep Cycle Battery  A Best Selling AGM Battery  - Benefit from Proven Performance - Peace of Mind and Reliable Battery Power 

This battery is one of our bestsellers because owning a 140AH Deep Cycle Battery means that you can control and store solar energy for power. If you have a solar panel system you can use these batteries to store power and then use this energy to run a range of items. The reliability of 140AH Giant Deep Cycle AGM battery storage also means that you can use the power when you have bad weather or little sunshine. Having a battery backup essentially means you have a lot more control of how you use the power that your camping solar or 12 Volt setup is producing.

140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery  Highest Quality Construction = Improved Performance!

Giant Power Batteries are built tough, and they are designed with more lead to create stronger connections between cells and heavier plates to increase the batteries reserve capacity. Giant Power Batteries are built to maximise life cycles, so you get reliable power when you need it!

Giant Power 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are a premium quality battery that is designed to deliver industry-leading reserve capacities and life-cycle capabilities. Many innovative technologies, including a high AH ability and VO (heat resistant) rated case, make Giant Power Batteries the perfect solution for the challenging operating conditions of energy storage and other off-grid applications around Australia. The ideal combination of premium quality materials has catapulted Giant Power Batteries to becoming an Australian industry leader rated for both value and customer satisfaction. All Giant Power deep cycle batteries are backed with an industry leading 5-year warranty and have a 5-star status among Australian users because they can take a hell of a beating, both physically and power-wise.


2x 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery has a rating of 4.84/5 based on 205 reviews.

2 x 140 amp batteries agm12v

Very happy with batteries and service one battery had small damage on delivery

on 2 April 2020

RV AGM batteries

Recently bought 2 off 140 AH AGM Deep Cycle batteries for the RV. Purchase, pickup and installation were a breeze. System is all charged up and seems to be working fine. Once the COVID19 pandemic has settled might be able to give them a real test. At the moment just happy about the way it is. Thank you Aussie Batteries & Solar.

on 2 April 2020

Great batteries

This is my 3rd lot of batteries I have purchased. Long lasting easy rechargeable by solar keeps fridges working and my beer icy cold out in the bush. Have recommended to lots of friends

on 29 March 2020

2x 140AH AGM Deep cycle Battery

I am very satisfied with quick delivery of these batteries from Queensland to Perth, WA. I would continue to trade with Aussie Batteries should I require further items.

on 28 March 2020

Satisfied customer

Very happy with the product & service provided very easy company to deal with.

on 28 March 2020
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Giant Power 12V 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 140.0 AH
Dimension Length: 330 ±3mm (12.99 inches)
Width: 173 ±2mm (6.81 inches)
Container Height: 212 ±2mm (8.35 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal): 220 ±2mm (8.66 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 32.2 Kg
Terminal T11
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 140.0 AH/7.0A (20hr,1.80V/cell,25°C)
Max. Discharge Current 1200A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 4.9mΩ
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -15 ~ 50oC (5 ~ 122oF)
Charge : 0 ~ 40oC (32 ~ 104oF )
Storage : -15 ~ 40oC (5 ~ 104oF)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25 ± 3°C (77 ± 5°F )
Bulk Charge Initial Charging Current less than 30A.
Voltage 14.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/oC
Float Charge No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 13.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -20mV/oC
Capacity affected by Temperature 40oC (104oF) 103%
25oC ( 77oF ) 100%
0oC ( 32oF ) 86%
Self Discharge Giant Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC(77oF) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.


5 year battery warranty - 12 month full replacement warranty with 48 month pro-rata replacement warranty

For more information, please read our full warranty policy

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