Mobile Safety Switch RCD for Caravan/Motorhome

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Using 240V power through mains connection, generators, or inverters can be potentially dangerous without proper protection. Everyone has a safety switch in their home, but when it comes to mobile applications such as caravans or motorhomes, almost nobody has this basic protection. Our Mobile Safety Switch RCD for Caravan/Motorhomes adds additional monitoring of the earth wire, which allows it to work in mobile situations where convential safety switches will not function. This ensures that both you and your vehicle are safeguarded against electrical faults.

The Mobile Safety Switch RCD uses the active and neutral sensor wires to monitor any voltage detection and current flow to the earth/sensor wire. It is designed to trip before the potential voltage reaches 40VAC and/or the current flow exceeds 10mA in the earth wire. Additionally, it includes a separate overload protection switch which will trip if the total current flow is over 20A, protecting cabling and devices. If the device is connected to an RCBO, it will trip the current limiting side of the circuit breaker only.

When using inverters, or other 240V appliances in a mobile scenario, it is necessary to have a Mobile Safety Switch RCD.

Important Note: this device operates with 240V and for safety reasons will need to be installed by a qualified electrician.


Mobile RCD Safety Breaker
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Max Current: 20A
Dimensions: 90mm x 55mm x 75mm
Weigth: 0.273 kg


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