Giant Power has featured in an article on the Solar Choice website . Solar Choice provides comparisons of solar quotes for Australia's residential solar market, manages tenders for commercial-scale projects, and also develops large-scale solar farms. The company's website is one of the most widely-accessed solar information portals in Australia, and also contains a large amount of information on battery storage for solar. ... read more

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Buy the Best Solar Panels for Camping a Guide to the Best Solar Panels for Camping & Portable Camping Solar (This also applies when buying all types of Solar Panels) Choosing the best portable solar panels for camping can be tricky, especially when you have no idea what you’re looking for!! That’s why we compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when purchas... read more

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Caravan Solar Panels - How to choose the Best Solar Panels for Caravans, 4WDS, Camping and Recreational Vehicles When it comes to getting the best Caravan Solar Panels or Solar Panel Setup for RV's you will want to consider how you are goign to get more from your deep cycle batteries by either supplimenting the charging with solar or going for a complete solar system. Using ... read more

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How to Live Off The Grid - Going Off The Grid With Solar Power and Battery Storage in Australia. What you need to know. Looking for Solutions for Off Grid Solar Power. How to live off the grid in Australia without breaking the bank! Going off the grid with solar power has become cheaper than ever with many option... read more

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For many campers, deciding how many batteries are needed to power their gear during camping trips can be challenging. Maybe you even experienced a few holidays where you regretted not taking a larger battery, or more batteries. On other occasions, you may have had larger deep cycle batteries when you could have used smaller ones. In this post, we share a simple formula to help you calculate an estimate of amp hours you need, so you won’t have to second guess yourself again. Some ke... read more

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Maintaining your deep cycle batteries is essential to ensure a maximum life span and to prevent damage. As such, it is important to detect battery problems at an early stage. Troubleshooting deep cycle battery issues is fairly easy to do yourself with the aid of a multimeter, volt meter, or watt meter. Inspecting your deep cycle battery The outside of deep cycle batteries can show early signs of failure. As such, troubleshooting battery problems can begin with a simple i... read more

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Powering your appliances while camping is not as challenging as you may think. While some people may choose to stay at a caravan park to use mains power, others may prefer to enjoy a more quiet and remote location. In these situations, you will be unable to run your gear through the grid and will have to set up your own system. How can you accomplish this? Three main ways to power your appliances away from mains are: solar panels, generators, and deep cycle batteries. Power your ap... read more

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When you’re buying a new camping fridge , you’re most likely going to choose a fridge with the best efficiency rating. After all, you’d want your food to remain cold for the duration of your trip without constantly draining your batteries, or wasting all your money on petrol refilling your generator. However, you may have wondered if your unit is truly reaching its promised low temperatures. Or maybe you have noticed that your fridge requires a l... read more

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When you’re on a camping trip for a few days, you want your appliances to run smoothly without any interruptions. You could connect them to your vehicle battery, but what if your gear draws too much power and leaves you stranded with a flat battery? You could always leave your engine running to prevent this, but that’s both a noisy and costly exercise. One solution is to charge your battery with portable solar panels or a generator. However, maybe you do not have any solar panels or a generat... read more

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Every day, researchers aim to improve existing solar cells or invent more efficient ones. With this rapidly expanding solar market, it can be challenging to choose the perfect mounted or portable solar panel that covers your needs: what’s the difference between the solar cells used, and is the one really better than the other? To make this choice a little easier for you, we will analyse three of the most common types of solar cells used today: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and t... read more

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