Myths have always been around, ranging from sacred cultural narratives to traditional stories and popular misunderstandings. Even in the world of solar and batteries, myths still exist and are believed to be true. Let’s bust some of the most common solar and battery myths today. Solar Panels: Myth: Solar panels don’t work on partly cloudy days Although typically solar panels generate more electricity on sunny days and with direct sunlight, they still operate ... read more

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What is the Best Portable Fridge Freezer to Buy ? What is the Best Portable Fridge Freezer to Buy for Camping, Car, 4WD, RV, Marine or Caravans. Are you looking for the best portable fridge for your family or camping setup? One that can run from both your car battery and a normal electricity connection, ... read more

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With such a large number of deep cycle battery terms out there, it can be difficult to decipher what everything means. We’ve put together an extensive list of over 40 common terms, with easy to understand descriptions and examples. Using our simple reference guide, you’ll always have the knowledge available at your fingertips to help you compare, understand and demystify any information on deep cycle batteries. The guide is broken up into a few main areas, and the terms that relate ... read more

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Going off grid can be a big undertaking but one that is made easier by choosing the right off grid system. Making sure your system matches your power needs and uses high quality components can mean the difference between a long lasting energy source and a lot of unwanted maintenance. It’s also important to research your installer, finding one who is Clean Energy Council-accredited and experienced with the type of system you’re using. An off grid solar system is a standalone power sy... read more

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Solar panels may seem like the most important component in your solar system but batteries are just as crucial. Without them, the energy captured by the solar panels could not be stored for use at night or during periods of bad weather. Many solar systems rely on 12V deep cycle batteries to perform this job. The batteries’ high cyclic life makes them the preferred solar battery for small portable p... read more

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Thanks to spiralling energy costs and the draws of a self sufficient lifestyle, many Australians are choosing to power their homes through off grid solar energy generation. For others, living in a remote location means connecting to the grid simply isn’t an option and generating power using the sun and wind becomes a necessity. While nearly a million Australian households already use solar panels to offset their electricity bills, completely disconnecting from your power company and... read more

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With a long service life and durable design, gel batteries are at the top end of battery design. The standard gel battery shares many properties with AGM deep cycle batteries while the 'tubular' gel battery is more commonly used in large scale, non-portable battery banks. Both types of gel battery consist of a ‘gelified’ electrolyte that sits between lead plates, making them non-spilling and safe to place on their side. This sealed design also reduces the risk of electrolyte evapora... read more

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Deep Cycle Batteries vs Conventional Car Batteries - What is the difference between Deep Cycle & Conventional Car Batteries ? Can you use a Car Battery for Solar & What are the best Solar Batteries for Solar Panels. AGM Deep Cycle Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat Deep Cycle Batteries) and Conventional Car Batteries may both be lead acid batteries or ... read more

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Solar charge controllers, also known as solar regulators, are an integral part of any stand alone solar system. The average 12 volt solar panel produces between 12 and 21 volts, a level that would overcharge and damage a battery if transferred directly to it. Solar charge controllers work by regulating this voltage to a level that can safely charge batteries and run appliances. There are two main types of solar charge controller, the P... read more

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While many of us are switching to clean energy options like portable solar panels when camping, it’s useful to have a generator handy in case of adverse weather conditions or emergency power needs. To help you find the best generator for your camping or boating trip, we’ve listed some important features to consider, as well as top tips from the Aussie Batteries & Solar experts. Backup Power Portable generators are great as a backup power source when using solar panel... read more

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