We see solar panels every day, we might even have our own but not many of us can explain how sunlight turns into energy. The science behind solar power technology may seem complex but examining the process by which light is converted into electricity can help you get the most out of your panels, not to mention giving a renewed appreciation for the power of our sun. Read on to find out more about how solar power works and if you’re already an expert, take a look at our guide to ... read more

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Linking deep cycle batteries or solar panels is a topic the Aussie Batteries and Solar experts are often asked about. It’s hard to remember how to match terminals or which connections raise voltage, and not being informed can have disastrous results for your battery and equipment. Simply put, there are two options when it comes to linking circuits: either in parallel or series. The method ... read more

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How to get the Best Battery Charger - All About Charging Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Batteries - Battery Charging Guide. So you’ve chosen your deep cycle battery and got it installed. That’s the hard work over and done with, right? Not quite, AGM deep cycle batteries may require very little maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can afford to use an incorrect charger... read more

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There may be no such thing as a free lunch but a free holiday - or at least exploring Australia without the expensive accommodation fees - is more of a reality than you may think. Thrifty holidaymakers across the country are choosing to set up camp on free sites in reserves, national parks and other unallocated Crown Land over commercial campsites. As well as saving money and avoiding overcrowded holiday parks, ‘free camping’ is a great way to get off the beaten track and see another sid... read more

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With the technology behind solar panels becoming more and more advanced, solar cells production is set to change as researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have created a diode made of tungsten diselenide. The graphene material consists of just one layer of atoms and is able to convert light into electrical power. It is hoped that the material can be used to create ultrathin solar cells and even mounted onto building facades. Professor Thomas Mueller was part of... read more

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We share our charging and maintenance tips for AGM deep cycle batteries. With sealed construction and a designed service life of ten years, AGM deep cycle batteries require very little maintenance, especially when compared to their flooded cell counterparts. Nevertheless, knowing how to correctly charge and look after your deep cycle battery is crucial in optimising its performance and life span. To help you get the best... read more

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We take a look at the benefits of portable solar panels for powering caravan and camping trips With miles of un-spoilt landscape and some of the world’s most vibrant flora and fauna, Australia is a paradise for camping and caravan enthusiasts. While escaping to the great outdoors can seem as simple as throwing a tent in the boot or hooking up your caravan, it’s also important to think about your energy requirements. How are you going to power the appliances in your motorhome when yo... read more

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What Is a Deep Cycle AGM Battery and its uses? Let's take a closer look at AGM deep cycle batteries and their uses. Durable and long-lasting, 12v deep cycle batteries are the workhorse of the battery industry. This lead-acid battery is designed to emit a steady current of energy over a long period of time, making it ideal for use in applications that require continuous cycling (the process of charging a battery and discharging its en... read more

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Camping Fridge/Freezer Buying Guide - Camping Fridge Buying Guide to help you to with advice on what to look for when buying or choosing a portable fridge. Learn how to get the Best Camping Fridge! What 12V Fridge is Best? Find out why Portable Compressor Camping Fridges are so popular in Australia. Read our Camping Fridge Buying Guide for advice on how to get the best Camping Fridge for your individ... read more

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A solar energy educator and medical doctor in California have developed a suitcase-sized solar system for use in hospitals of developing countries. Co-founders of nonprofit organisation, We Care Solar, Hal Aronson and Dr. Laura Stachel developed the portable solar system after Stachel witnessed appalling healthcare conditions while studying ways to lower maternal mortality in state hospitals Nigeria. Without a reliable source... read more

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