HOW TO GET THE BEST SOLAR POWER SETUPS FOR REMOTE CAMPING - The ultimate guide on how to get the best Solar for Camping and Solar Panel Camping Setups. Solar Power for Camping Explained: A guide to the ideal solar power setups for camping!... read more

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Choosing The Best Portable Solar Panels and Portable Solar Panels for Camping with Solar. Learn all about 12V Solar Panels & Solar Panel Setups. ... read more

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Beginner's Guide to Off Grid Solar Power and Stand Alone Solar Power Systems - Living Off Grid with Off-Grid Solar Power in Australia . Are you considering going off the grid by using solar energy or a stand alone solar system to power your cabin, shed, residential home or business? Take the time to read our guide to living off the grid with s... read more

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Charging Deep Cycle Batteries and Charging AGM Batteries Incorrect charging is the main cause of damage to deep cycle batteries but can be easily avoided by following simple procedures and safety advice. Keeping your battery at the correct state of charge improves lifespan as well as reducing the risk of running out of power when away from home. ... read more

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Our friends at Giant Power have been assisting the Solar Choice website in a primer on partial off-grid systems. In this article, Solar Choice discusses going partially off the grid as a smart alternative for homes who want to become completely energy self-sufficient. To read the full article, click here. ... read more

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Soon to be launched, Giant Power's new carbon lead batteries are some of the most advanced batteries available. Partnering with the well known battery manufacturer Narada, Giant Power carbon lead batteries are ideal for off grid usage. Offering over 7000 cycles at 30% depth of discharge amongst other impressive features, carbon lead provide excellent performance and value for money. Read the full writeup on Solar Choice: ... read more

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Giant Power has featured in an article on the Solar Choice website . Solar Choice provides comparisons of solar quotes for Australia's residential solar market, manages tenders for commercial-scale projects, and also develops large-scale solar farms. The company's website is one of the most widely-accessed solar information portals in Australia, and also contains a large amount of information on battery storage for solar. ... read more

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Buy the Best Solar Panels for Camping a Guide to the Best Solar Panels for Camping & Portable Camping Solar (This also applies when buying all types of Solar Panels) Choosing the best portable solar panels for camping can be tricky, especially when you have no idea what you’re looking for!! That’s why we compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when purchas... read more

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