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Experts in solar for caravans we stock a large range of Portable Solar Panels for Caravans, 12V Solar Panels for Caravans, Recreational Vehicles and Motorhomes. Yes, you can camp anywhere, add convenience and save money with our range of solar panels designed specifically for reliability and efficiency!

Aussie Batteries & Solar have best options and prices on Caravan Solar Panel Kits & 12V/24V Solar Setups for your Caravan, Motorhome or Recreational Vehicle. We specialise in a large range of solar panel systems for caravan camping. If you are looking for a Mounted Solar for Caravans and RV's , Solar & Battery Kits for CaravansDIY Solar Kits for Caravans or Portable Solar Panel for your Caravan. Let the team at Aussie Batteries & Solar get you the best Solar Power setup for your Caravan, Recreational Vehicle & Motor Home with Australia Wide Delivery.

Caravan Solar PanelsThe three main types of caravan solar panels are glass, mounted and folding solar panels. Glass solar panels have been around for the longest and have built a positive reputation. We stock a large range of 12V Caravan Solar Panels that are perfectly suited for the roof of your Caravan, Camper Trailer, RV or Motor-Home. We also specialise in a large range of Caravan Solar Panels and Battery Kits.

Solar Panels for Caravans allow you to camp anywhere with reliable power. Installing Solar Panels to your caravan is an excellent way to keep your caravans batteries charged. A quality solar system installed into your Caravan or Recreational Vehicle will last for 20 years or more & require hardly any maintenance. We can provide you with 12 Volt & 24 Volt (nominal) solar panels to match your Caravan or RV's battery voltage. Our caravan solar panels come in various shapes and sizes to suit most caravan, motorhome and RV roofs & installation areas. Most modern caravans & motorhomes have a 12 volt, or 24-volt battery system included in their build. These battery systems are charged by the vehicle's alternator while the engine is running and often incorporate a 230V battery charger that will work to maintain the battery when it is connected to mains power. However, in remote locations like National Parks, you will find that 230V/240V power is not available. Caravan Solar Panels are a great alternative power supply unless you want to run a noisy generator or the engine of the vehicle to re-charge the batteries which of course spoils the desired benefit of camping remotely.

Roof Top Solar Panels or Portable Solar Panels are both great options for Caravans, RV's and Motorhomes.

If your vehicle is large enough solar panels can be mounted to the caravan roof.  Remember that your Caravan or RV Solar Panels will have to withstand very strong head winds or constant vibrations, for this reason we highly recommend a professional installation. Aussie Batteries & Solar have decades of experience in retrofitting motor homes or caravans with solar power. Portable Solar Panels can be more efficient than roof top solar installations, however, most long term campers  prefer the stationary and mounted solar options for their caravans as it is easy, convenient and simple to use and maintain.

If you need expert, tailored, no-obligation advice on Solar Panels for Caravans email or freecall our friendly team on 1800 853 315 we have a dedicated 12 Volt Solar & Battery team just waiting to help. Shop for Caravan Solar Panels and 12v Caravan Solar online with Australia Wide Delivery. Browse our range of Solar Panels for Caravans and Recreational Vehicles online and get Australian direct shipping with Solar Panels delivered directly to your door!

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Aussie Batteries & Solar maintains a status for supplying functional caravan solar & battery setups that are some of the most affordable solar configurations available on the Australian market!
Whatever your RV or Caravan 12V solar setup, Aussie Batteries has a solar & battery charging system to top up your batteries and run 12V solar accessories efficiently. That means you get reliable solar power with zero running costs and zero noise; you can kick back and relax and enjoy your favourite caravan campsite using a quality solar setup. 

Our range of 12v Solar Powered caravan setups costs much less than you’d imagine. Once you have started to use yours when camping with your caravan, you will find just how trouble-free and easy to use a portable solar panel setup for your Caravan or RV can be. Aussie Batteries portable solar kits for caravans include regulators and accessories, so you get everything you need to run your whole campsite without blowing your camping budget!
Solar panels are an effective method of generating electricity off the grid. And thanks to a typical solar PV cell having a 25-year lifespan it will generally be your other accessories that will begin to fail before your caravans solar panel cells will. Regardless of Aussie Batteries & Solar warranty guarantee offers you the best solar performance warranties that cover you for a whole 12 months! Our Caravan Solar Warranties means that no matter what might go wrong with your solar caravan setup we will help you get it sorted!

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