Best Battery Boxes and Portable Power Battery Power Packs 12V for Camping

Best Battery Boxes and Portable Power Battery Power Packs 12V for Camping

How to get the best Battery Boxes and Portable Power for Camping including Battery Power Packs for Camping - A guide to using a Battery Box for Camping and 12 Volt Battery Box Setups for Camping - Everything you wanted to know about Battery Power Packs VS Battery Boxes & Camping Battery Setups

Best Battery Box for CampingHow to get the Best Battery Box for Camping - A Guide to Battery Boxes and Portable Power Battery Power Packs for 12Volt Power Australia - Customers often ask what is the best Battery Box or Power Pack for Camping?

Camping Battery Setups generally use Battery Boxes that are designed with numerous features and outlet sockets to accommodate most campers needs for power when away on a camping trip. Getting the best battery box and camping battery setup means you can power a range of accessories simply using a Deep Cycle Battery. Let's look at the Top 5 reasons for using an AGM BATTERY and BATTERY BOX to get 12Volt Power for Camping, Caravan, Camper Vans, Camper Trailers, Motorhomes, Marine, 4WDs, RV's & Off Grid Solar. Are you looking for portable power for your next camping trip? Choose an AGM Battery and place it in a Battery Box to power your appliances with ease! Our range of battery box camping products combine portable power, battery management system and a dual-battery alternatives in one complete unit. So you can get 12 volt and 240 volt power for regular devices and appliances, with your battery box acting as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge!

Best Deep Cycle Battery Box Australia How to get the Best Camping Battery Setup & Battery Box 12V Portable Power System 

The best battery boxes will make your Deep Cycle Batteries functional and you simply fit your Deep Cycle Battery into the pre-wired box and you are ready to go.

The best style Battery Box will also generally feature a handy LED  display to show your battery voltage. Battery Boxes are best for mounting a second battery in the cargo area of a caravan, wagon, SUV or 4WD, boat. 

Our Battery Box range are suitable for most popular battery types and sizes.​ You can use the range of 12V adaptors included on the box and if the battery box has anderson plugs you will be able to easily recharge using a solar panel setup.The best Battery Boxes are great for getting reliable 12 volt and 240 volt power for a range of devices and appliances. The battery box can act as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge. Our range of Ardent Battery Boxes are suitable for a range of battery types including AGM Batteries, Lithium, Wet, Gel and Calcium battery types. Looking for a portable battery solution that can still be mounted securly into your car, caravan or camper trailer? Check out Aussie Batteries range of the best portable battery boxes that are built to last and withstand the test of time.


Best Battery Box for Camping- The Best Camping Battery Setups- Guide to Battery Box CampingLooking to get a Battery Box for Camping or the Best RV Battery Box Online? When boating, travelling or camping you may want to run appliances such as lights, portable fridges and even televisions. To run these 12V devices, you will require a power source such as a generator (which is VERY noisy)! The alternative is to use a clean, green and silent solar setup with deep cycle batteries. If you own deep cycle batteries, you will need a way of putting power back into the batteries and also using the battery power to run your gear. That is where a reliable battery box and deep cycle battery can really come in handy as you will be able to charge your batteries through a solar panel and Anderson plug connectors. Deep Cycle Batteries and Battery Boxes are excellent for camping battery setups. Aussie Batteries specialse in Battery & Battery Box Setups and Battery products that combine portable power, battery management systems and a dual-battery alternatives in one complete unit. We can help you get 12 volt and 240 volt power for regular devices and appliances, with your battery box acting as a dual battery system to manage the solar and in-vehicle charge.

Deep Cycle Battery Boxes are the best priced option for those who are looking to make their Deep Cycle Battery more functional, and they are designed with the ability run 12V appliances for extended periods. The most typical Deep Cycle Batteries are Gel Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Deep Cycle Batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat); and in more recent times Lithium-Ion and Carbon Lead.


Deep Cycle AGM Batteries are the most popular batteries for Australians who are looking for the best deep cycle technology as well as superior performance. AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are also known as Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries, and they use technology that suspends the free electrolyte within a highly porous (AGM plate) this means the battery is constructed using glass fibre mat separators. AGM plates help eliminate the hazards associated with acid spills or leaks and allows for a sealed maintenance free design that avoids any need for regular topping-up of an electrolyte. 

Best Battery Box Online Browse deep cycle battery types in our online store. Need help getting the Best Deep Cycle Battery  for your needs ? For expert, tailored, no-obligation advice about Deep Cycle Batteries EMAIL or call our friendly team on 1800 853 315

What is the Best Basic Solar Setup?

  • Solar Panels or a Solar Mat / Solar Blanket
  • A Good Quality Solar Regulator - This will protect your AGM Battery from overcharging.
  • An AGM Deep Cycle Battery - Why AGM type? This is the best type of battery to store the solar power produced by your solar panels. And so you feed the power from your solar back into an AGM Battery.
  • Battery Box with12 Volt sockets -  A good battery box should be simple and sturdy and will allow you to run or charge 12 Volt appliances and accessories such as car fridges,DVD players, radios, LED lights, fans, air/water pumps, air compressors, mobile phones, TV’s, tablets, cameras and more!
  • This system will work to recharge the battery via the solar panels and does not necessarily need to be fitted to a car or caravan. This means, if you are camping you have the option to leave it at your campsite to charge up during the day while you are out and about exploring. Also you can use them at home or around your property. 
  • You can spend anywhere from around $4.00 to over $400 on a Battery Box Setup, and you'll usually get exactly what you pay for!

Battery Boxes vary from the very simple right up to a complete electrical power pack source system including battery charger, portable power station, battery management system, and even up to a dual battery system.

Lets start at the start with the best features of a Basic Battery Box:

  • It should be moulded from high density, high quality, corrosion-resistant polypropylene at least 4-5mm thick.
  • There should be multiple, closely spaced internal ribs on all sides and bottom for maximum battery support, as well as multiple ribs in the lid so when it's closed it sits firmly on the battery top.
  • The box will have an internal tie-down strap, a wide, strong, thick woven external carry-strap, and ideally two tie-down straps or foot clamps and heavy duty stainless steel screws so you can lock it in place in your boat, caravan 4 x 4 or RV.

One-step up from these very basic ones, (and highly desirable) are Battery Boxes with internal power connections from the battery leading to protected external cable connectors. Any and all connectors or sockets must be high quality Andersen plugs and quality, Hella or Merit-type sockets.

  • These Battery Boxes come in a range of sizes to suit batteries in group sizes 27, 30 and 31 with Amp hour capacities of between 60 and 160Ah. They'll also suit almost all battery types including from lead acid, Gel, AGM, and Calcium.

From there you can go right up to the top-of-the line models: These Battery Power Packs are really complete electrical systems which have an inbuilt 300W Pure Sine Wave inverter which allows you to safely use both 12V and 240V appliances from the external sockets, including power lighting, portable fridges, and solar panels.

Ideal Solar Power Setups for Remote CampingThey will (or should have) a 15A automatic reset circuit breaker that protects the accessory and Hella/Merit sockets so you can charge items like mobile phones and laptops without any problems. They'll be fully equipped and instrumented with an LED Battery Voltmeter which will show you battery type, Amp hours available and battery voltage, plus an On/Off Master Switch to prevent battery power loss, an On/Off Inverter Switch, Power Socket/s with Off/On switches, Warning and Power LED Light, Low Voltage Alarm, 5V 2A USB Power Socket, On/Off USB Power Switch, LED Display (with battery charging Information including battery charger Input), 7 stage 6Amp AC charger, Anderson cabling and alligator clips, 2x 12 volt (cigarette) type sockets, 2x Merit sockets (Merit sockets are high quality heavy duty connections that are ideal for high current draw accessories), an Anderson Plug, and they'll suit batteries up to 150AH. And from there, you can even go up one more step to a custom-built box where every feature, including instruments, the number of sockets and plugs etc can be built specifically for your needs. Our team are happy to talk to you about any of these options!

What is Best Advanced Solar Setup ?

  • Solar Panels or a Solar Mat / Solar Blanket
  • A BCDC Charger with a built-in Solar Regulator - This not only charges your Deep Cycle Battery as you drive but also stops the solar panels from overcharging the battery when you’re stationary. +++The Deep Cycle Battery which you usually have mounted somewhere inside your car is not to be confused with the battery under the bonnet which starts your car's engine. 
  • YOU NEED a reliable Deep Cycle AGM Battery - DO NOT confuse this with the battery under the bonnet that starts your car. The purpose of the AGM Deep Cycle Battery is to run things like a 12 Volt Fridge, LED strip lights and a few USB charging ports, and a range of camping equipment.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter - This is connected to the Deep Cycle Battery and works to converts the 12 Volt power stored in the AGM battery to 240 Volt power.

This means you can use any household appliance that plugs into a normal power point - think coffee machines and thermomix’s. The size of the inverter you require will depend on the wattage of the appliances you intend to use. You can check on the tag or sticker of an appliance to find out its wattage. e.g. a coffee machine or thermomixer is about 1500 Watts.

  • Need Expert  Advice on Camping Battery Setups ? FREECALL our AUSSIE BATTERY team and let us help you find the Best Battery Box for your needs from our 12V Portable Battery Box Range.
  • Phone 1800 853 315 for deep cycle power advice and talk you through your deep cycle battery setup or  power needs. We can provide an Obligation Free Quote with Australia Wide Delivery !
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