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Portable Solar Panel Kits & Portable Solar and Battery Kits - Solar Panel Kits for Camping, Caravans & Fridges With Australia Wide Delivery.

Get the Best Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats & Off Grid Living.Portable Solar Panel Kits For Camping

Our range of Portable Solar Panel Kits are a fantastic option for all Solar Camping setups as they allow you to take the conveniences of home with you when you head outdoors in your 4WD, caravan, camper trailer or camping setup. 

When you are away camping or on your caravan and 4WD adventures, you will need a source of portable solar power including a Battery, Solar Panel and Battery Box Kit that is reliable and highly efficient. 

Portable Solar Panels

Save $$ with our Complete 12V Solar Panel Kits for Camping.

If you need no-obligation advice on a portable solar panels or a portable 12V/24V camping solar setup or solar accessories  EMAIL or call our friendly team on 1800 853 315 our experts can help you to get the best Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping & specialise in Portable 12 Volt Solar Panel Camping Systems. Shop Online for Portable Solar Panel Kits with Australian Direct Delivery and Shipping to your door!

Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping & Camping Solar Panels

Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping AustraliaExperts in Camping Solar Panels & Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping, Caravans, Camper Trailers, 4WDS, RVS, Boats and more! We will help you get the best priced complete 12 Volt Portable Solar Battery Kits, Portable Solar Panel Kits and solar accessories online​

Aussie Batteries are experts in battery and solar setups for camping and we stock a large range of solar power options including portable and foldable solar kits with deep cycle batteries and offer AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING & DELIVERY OPTIONS DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR!

Portable Solar Panel KitShop online from our range of solar power options for camping and 4WD off-roading including portable and foldable solar kits so you can recharge your 12V system by using a solar charging system with portable camping solar panels and a deep cycle battery. 
Aussie Batteries & Solar are experts in Camping Solar Panels & Complete 12Volt Solar Kits for Camping for those who want to get the best solar setup for camping we have made it easy and have created a great range of solar kits. Our solar camping packages include portable solar panels for camping and these panels are high quality and perfect for camping in any location or situation around Australia. Our range of complete solar kits online come with portable solar panels and deep cycle batteries and are available in a variety of solar panel setups to suit a range of uses so you can go camping with solar power anytime and anywhere, with reliable battery and solar power!
Aussie Batteries stock a range of solar power options for camping and 4WD off-roading including portable and foldable solar kits.  Aussie Batteries range of portable solar panels are high quality, efficient, easy-to-store and use, backed by an Aussie Warranty! 


Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping

Nobody wants to run out of power when out on their adventures around Australia.

Aussie Batteries and Solar stock a selection of solar panel kits which are all geared to provide the solar energy and 12 Volt power that you need on your camping adventures around Australia.

Camping with Solar Power

Planning how your going to get reliable power, especially during long camping trips is an important consideration. Camping with Solar Power allows you to use a range of Camping Solar Panels with a good dual battery setup, solar kits are by far the best way to get power while away camping.

Camping Solar Panels & Solar Panels for Camping - How to get the best Solar Panel Setups for Camping Australia.

If you don't want to use a noisy generator, you will need to look at getting reliable power by using solar panels for camping and batteries for solar storage. You can use the power of the sun to keep your batteries charged, and there are some excellent pros to using solar panels for camping. For example, one significant advantage of camping with solar power is that 12v solar is reliable and straightforward to use, the other advantage is that you can get power day and night without having to rely on a noisy generator or smelly fuel.

Want to know more about choosing the best 12V Portable Solar Panel for Camping read our blog or email or call our friendly solar panel team on 1800 853 315 . We love to help our customers get the best Solar Panels for Camping & specialise in 12Volt Solar Panel Camping Kits.

Shop for Camping Solar Panels Online with Australian Direct shipping to your door, we make camping with solar easy and affordable!

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More information about Portable Solar Kits

Solar power and solar panels have transformed the camping scene over the past couple of years, and Aussie Batteries and Solar want to make getting reliable quality camping solar panels affordable for everyday Aussies!

There’s nothing worse than getting to an awesome camping site, setting up and then stressing about your deep cycle batteries going flat because you’re running lights a fridge and your inverter. Now you can harness all the free power of the sun to keep your deep cycle battery charged, and your fridge is running ice-cold, with the range of Aussie Batteries solar panels. Choose from folding, fixed or blanket-type solar panels, plus heaps of 12 Volt accessories to make the most of your camping solar panel.

All our solar panels come with everything you need to charge a battery, straight out of the box. Just plug in, and kick back - relax and enjoy your camping adventure!

Solar Camping is all about getting the right solar panel setup for your camp adventures. Excellent solar kit setups can make all the difference if wanting to spend that extra night at your favourite campsite. Aussie Batteries & Solar have designed these high quality and complete Solar Kits for Camping that are ready to go with deep cycle batteriesbattery box and various portable solar panel systems such as folding solar panel mats and bi and tri-fold solar panels all chosen for a range of different camping setups. Our range of camping solar power panels are some of  the best in Australia.

Browse our range of Solar Kits for Camping below or speak to our expert team to get the best solar power options for camping, 4WD off-roading, caravans or other solar power applications. Our range of Solar Panel Kits are the perfect companion for camping, caravans, camper trailers, boats, RV's and 4WD's they have everything you will need to get reliable 12Volt Power and will provide easy to use solar power when you're off on your camping adventures. Solar power and solar panels have quickly become the power of choice for most camping, caravan, RV, boat enthusiasts. Portable Solar Panels are clean, affordable (no running costs), versatile (you can get kits small enough to fit in a backpack to big enough to power a house) and is easy (and fun) to set up. If you’re after an all-in-one complete solar kit that is ready to plug in and start charging a minute after taking it out of the bag, then you’re in luck.

Our range of portable solar power kits include regulators, cables, clips and bags and batteries are the simplest types of solar kits to use and are the most popular among campers for this reason – simple is often best. But if you’re keen to build or assemble your own our DIY Solar Setups have been designed to suit a range of particular needs. 

Our range of Solar Kits is plug and play, including Camping Solar Panels with Anderson Plug, Deep Cycle Batteries and Battery Boxes. The inclusion of a battery box to you're Solar Kit means you will be provided with a hassle-free connection to your battery through a wide variety of 12V plugs and terminals. You won't need to bring any extra gear to make sure your battery is staying charged; because we also provide an inbuilt battery voltage monitor right on the battery box. Ideal for running 12V Fridges, Camp Lights, and other 12V Appliances, consider adding a solar inverter to your Solar Kit if you'd like to run a 240V appliance in your camping setup. Camping with a 12V Portable Solar Panel Kit allows you to get a dependable source of solar power during your Camping, Caravan and 4WD adventures. Our range of Camping Solar Panels are perfect for all of your outdoor & camping activites and come with Australian Wide Delivery and Industry Leading Warranties.

If you need expert, tailored, no-obligation advice on Portable Solar Panel Kits for Camping EMAIL or freecall our friendly solar panel team on 1800 853 315 

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