Which Deep Cycle Battery Charger Do I Need?

Which Deep Cycle Battery Charger Do I Need?

How to get the Best Battery Charger - All About Charging Deep Cycle Batteries and AGM Batteries - Battery Charging Guide.

So you’ve chosen your deep cycle battery and got it installed. That’s the hard work over and done with, right? Not quite, AGM deep cycle batteries may require very little maintenance but that doesn’t mean you can afford to use an incorrect charger or charging method. Keeping your battery charged can improve its lifespan and save you from running flat mid-trip.

To get the best Deep Cycle Battery Charger there are couple of things to consider before you begin charging. To ensure you the get the best out of your battery, give one of the Aussie Batteries & Solar experts a call or read on for our guide to deep cycle battery chargers. If you need help choosing the right charger you may want to call our 12 Volt Solar and Battery experts via email or freecall 1800 853 315  and let us help you get the best brand and style of battery charger for your Deep Cycle Batteries, Caravans, Motorhomes, 4WDS, Boats, Solar and 12 Volt Battery Systems.

How long will it take to charge your battery?

Knowing how many Amp hours your deep cycle battery stores allows you to work out what kind of charger you’ll need and approximately how long the charge will take. To calculate the charge time, find the Amp hour rating of your battery and divide it by the amp rating of the charger.

What kind of deep cycle battery charger will be best?

Choosing the right kind of deep cycle battery charger is the first step in maintaining battery health. Smart Chargers are compatible with flooded, gel and AGM deep cycle batteries and can even detect the charge needed based on the battery’s voltage. Many 12v deep cycle battery chargers also come with reverse pulse technology that helps reduce internal impedance while the battery is charging, as well as lowering its temperature.

If you’re not using a smart charger, you’ll need to know the correct voltage for deep cycle batteries and set the charger accordingly. For AGM deep cycle batteries, the required rate of charging is 14.7 volts. Be careful not to overcharge your battery, doing so can damage the internal structure and reduces effectiveness.

How should I store my battery?

Always make sure your deep cycle batteries are fully charged before storage. Even if you’re not planning on using your battery for a long period of time, you’ll still need to give it a ‘boost’ charge to prevent sulfation, the process by which sulphuric acid reacts with the lead in the battery plates and severely damages performance.

And the old adage that you can’t store batteries on a concrete floor? It’s just a myth. Batteries are no longer made of asphalt and wood and so there is no risk of acid leaking from them to create a circuit through the conductive acid-soaked floor.

What about cycling?

A 'battery cycle' is one discharge and recharge cycle, and ‘cycling’ refers to using at least 80% of the battery’s capacity before fully recharging it. Deep cycle batteries do not need to be cycled down on a daily basis and being left in a discharged state can shorten battery life.

Get more maintenance tips with our guide to taking care of your deep cycle battery and shop the Aussie Batteries and Solar range of deep cycle battery chargers. Shop online for batteries and Solar with direct shipping to your door.

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