Giant Power 140AH 12V Deep Cycle AGM Ardent Heavy Duty Battery Box Combo Kit

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Simply fit the included Giant 140AH Deep Cycle Battery into the pre-wired Ardent Battery Box and you are ready to get reliable 12V power - anywhere and anytime!  When you’re away camping you need to know you have a reliable power source!  This GIANT POWER 140AH AGM is an Australian Best-Selling AGM Deep Cycle Battery. With a long life cycle, this maintenance-free Deep Cycle Battery is engineered for repeated maximum deep discharge. A Giant Power 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery is perfect for applications that require either frequent cycling or renewable power storage. 

12V Portable Power anywhere - Fit the included GIANT 140AH Deep Cycle Battery inside the Ardent Battery Box & power camp lights, fridges, charge phones, tablets & more and have a backup power solution when stuck in a blackout or power outage!

Deep Cycle Batteries Australia Giant Power 140AH AGM batteries are designed for a more efficient discharge recovery. Faster recharging technology and battery protection deliver reliable performance. The sealed structure, copper alloy terminals and factory sealed lid allow no leakage of any caustic chemicals, and ABS intrusion-safe body and heavy-duty posts ensure reliable performance against any drastic vibrations shocks or outer wreckage. This maintenance-free battery features longer shelf-life and excellent water retention performance.


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A decade of FIVE STAR Customer Reviews showcase the quality of the GIANT POWER AGM 140AH BATTERY this is a best selling Aussie battery.

Best AGM Battery Australia Adventure Awaits with Reliable Australian Owned & Operated Giant AGM Battery Power!

This battery box combo kit includes a 140AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery and a Ardent Heavy Duty Powered Battery Box. This kit will make your deep cycle batteries highly functional in a range of situations and are perfect for those who want both battery protection and more functionality from your Deep Cycle Batteries when camping, caravanning or boating. An Ardent Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Battery Combo Kit will give you reliable 12V Power for all your camping and outdoor activities as it turns an ordinary battery into a convenient and user-friendly power station.COMES IN THREE MODELS:

100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

**This battery will work with trolling motors. However, if you allow heat, fluids and other contaminants to damage the battery, unfortunately, it will void your warranty. Protect your battery via a quality waterproof marine battery box or weather enclosure. 

Giant Power


Giant Power 140AH Deep Cycle Batteries will remove your worry by guaranteeing that you have a reliable battery power source. Let's look at the range of benefits to using a 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery to power your camping, caravan, boating and 4WD adventures. We talk to so many disappointed customers about their experiences with inferior products generally bought on eBay. The benefit of buying a Giant Power 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery is reflected in the solid 5 Star customer reviews we receive for this battery. Giant Power are dedicated to making sure that your AGM battery provides you with exceptional power and performance.


140AH GIANT AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal ancillary batteries to fit into your caravan, 4x4 vehicle, camper-van, RV or other camping setup. The Giant Power range of AGM Deep Cycle Batteries have outstanding deep discharge recovery with high oxygen-recombination efficiency that ensures no loss of electrolytes, giving these batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance just in case you accidentally discharge your batteries a little too much! This also guarantees you will never need to replace electrolytes during the course of the batteries life.


Because of the rugged environments where Giant Power 140AH AGM batteries are used around Australia Aussie Batteries work closely with our customers to ensure our battery products are geared to meet your exact needs. A Giant 140AH can be connected in a series up to 48V or parallel four units to create a huge 560AH! (Best to talk to our 12V experts for advice on the setup if looking to run a battery bank system).


This battery is one of our bestsellers because owning a 140AH Deep Cycle Battery means that you can control and store solar energy for power. If you have a solar panel system you can use these batteries to store power and then use this energy to run a range of items. The reliability of 140AH Giant Deep Cycle AGM battery storage also means that you can use the power when you have bad weather or little sunshine. Having a battery backup essentially means you have a lot more control of how you use the power that your camping solar or 12 Volt setup is producing.


Giant Power Batteries are built tough, and they are designed with more lead to create stronger connections between cells and heavier plates to increase the batteries reserve capacity. Giant Power Batteries are built to maximise life cycles, so you get reliable power every time!


This 140AH GIANT POWER DEEP CYCLE BATTERY will give users reliable and easy battery power to run items like camping fridge's, 12V lights, phones, devices and other 12V / 24V camping accessories! Giant Power Batteries allow customers to focus on enjoying the great outdoors and are the perfect battery for camping because of their high quality construction and superior Reserve Capacity (RC) or Ampere Hour (AH) rating that will exceed your requirements.

The "140Ah" refers to the battery amp-hour rating, which measures the capacity or energy storage capability of the battery.

  • Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty
  • Perfect for most 12 Volt Setups 
  • 12 Year Designed Service Life
  • Compatible with most Battery Boxes
  • Bolt Terminal Connections
  • Australian Owned and Operated Company

With a GIANT POWER 140AH AGM BATTERY, you get massive battery capacity. Unlike some of our competitor's batteries who recommend only using 30-50% of the battery capacity with Giant Power, you get more value from your AGM Batteries. When your camping and running a 12v fridge, most battery manufactures will recommend running the battery down to 50%, which is normally about two days of autonomy. With Giant Power Batteries, you get double the power usage due to the thicker lead plates and quality construction this means you get up to four days power autonomy.

The Advantages of AGM batteries:

For powering long distance journeys on recreational vehicles, choose deep cycle AGM batteries for a hassle-free experience. Deep cycle AGM batteries can repeatedly discharge to approximately 80% and recharge without losing capacity to deliver high power in a short amount of time. They are also resistant to vibration making them suitable for all kinds of terrains in Australia.

1. AGM Batteries deliver a higher output

AGM batteries have a lower internal resistance than any other lead acid battery. This enables AGM batteries to provide high bursts of power when required such as starting an engine or providing emergency or backup power.  AGM’s also have high charge acceptance.

2. AGM Batteries are spillproof

AGM batteries do not have any free electrolyte in the cell as is it suspended in the glass mats. Placing the battery upside down is not not recommended.

3. AGM Batteries are durable

AGM batteries are designed to be sturdy, handling vibration particularly well. The plate groups are compressed into each cell; this compression holds everything together.. They are also resistant to a condition known as acid stratification, where the acid and water separate over time.

4. AGM Batteries are resistant to vibration

The electrolyte soaked glass mats in between each lead plate act like a damper. The plates are compressed between the mats making AGM batteries highly resistant to vibration. This makes them suitable for vehicles that operate in high vibration conditions (i.e. ATVs, 4WDs & SUVs).

Charging Your AGM Battery

We Suggest The PROJECTA PRO-CHARGE RANGE simply connect the battery with the clamps or fixed eyelet harness and plug the charger into a wall for fast and efficient charging.

AGM batteries are very sensitive to overcharge and over-discharge, improper charging and discharging will lead to the reduction of battery life. So the proper charging process is very important. An AGM battery can last years in your car, boat or RV, and keeping it charged with the right battery charger is the best way to make sure you get the most life from it. On regular basis at 25°C for 12V deep cycle AGM batteries, float charge voltage is 13.5V~13.8V, cycle charging voltage is 14.4V~15.0V. 

DC-DC Charging For AGM Batteries

Why not look at a DC to DC charger that is suitable for LiFePO4 and lead acid: AGM, Gel & Calcium Batteries, and allows you to re-select the battery during charging. With the memory function of this battery to battery charger, you don't need to re-select the same battery type every time.


140Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

140Ah Lithium Battery Kit including battery box and battery charger

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Constructed of durable ABS plastic this battery box is a high-quality unit that will last for many years and will cater for all your camping power requirements you can also easily connect a DC/DC charger or solar panel by plugging into one of the 50A Anderson-style ports.


Maintenance Free operation this means no more refilling cells with water simply purchase and reap the benefits of a high quality AGM Battery.


High Vibration Resistance means our batteries can withstand the toughest 4x4 and high vibration conditions.


Non-Spillable and Non-Gassing with an in-built safety valve to keep you and your family safe by ensuring your battery is fully sealed and preventing any possible battery explosions.


Durable AGM Plates: High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long design lifespan of 12 years (for infrequent discharge @20°C).


Lead-calcium grids maintain a low self-discharge rate of approximately 3% of capacity per month.


Quality Copper-Silver Terminals means small contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.


The Ardent Battery Box range is constructed for maximum durability and can withstand high levels of heat and flame exposure.

Highest quality internal cables mean this heavy duty battery box can handle high current loads and can be used to charge all of your vital camping devices from this single unit.

Plug & Play and easy to use, an Ardent portable power battery box is wonderfully compact and features an LED voltage display that allows you to monitor battery performance and voltage.

*Please note installing this battery under your car bonnet as a starting battery or in electric golf buggies, mobility scooters may void your warranty. More suitable battery types for these applications are CCA-Rated.

Giant Power 12V Power Battery Box Kit 

AGM Batteries are Perfect for Use in a Range of 12V Power Applications

AGM batteries can resist damage from extreme temps and vibration. The absorbed mats give AGM batteries a sponge-like resistance to vibrations. A regular car battery's sensitive internal components can break apart if you shake it hard enough. Its lead plates are hanging from a sturdy metal in liquid. In the battery industry, there are two ways that AGM batteries are rated:


While battery cycle life is about how many times your AGM battery will discharge before dropping to under 80% of original capacity the service life is directly related to how many years the battery chemistry will last until it is less than 80% capacity from the original state. The Giant Power 140AH Deep Cycle is made with exceptional quality giving an industry-leading 12 year rated service life. This 140AH Giant Power Deep Cycle Battery will give users the best battery power required to run items like camping fridge's, 12V lights, and other 12V / 24V camping and caravan accessories!

Giant Power Batteries use Tier 1 corrosion resistant lead calcium internal plates and quality copper terminals.

Giant Power batteries will give users 2-3 times longer service life than other AGM Batteries (particularly substandard eBay batteries).

AGM Batteries can resist damage from extreme temps and vibration.

The absorbed mats give AGM batteries a sponge-like resistance to vibrations. A regular car battery’s sensitive internal components can break apart if you shake it hard enough. Its lead plates are hanging from a sturdy metal in liquid. Even if you don’t break the plastic case, it’s common for car batteries to die if you rattle them hard enough. an AGM battery’s fiberglass mesh keeps that water trapped because it’s packed so tightly to the lead plates. On top of that, the sealed design holds the water vapor in, and only if you overcharge it will a molecules of water vapor escape. An AGM battery’s sealed, spillproof design allows them to pass the specific transportation regulations. You can ship them by air, deliver them by mail, etc. It might be odd to think of spilling a car battery, but you should understand that standard car batteries are not as durable as AGM batteries. They’re more like a full cup of water with a sippy cup lid. If you turn it over, it spills or leaks. AGM batteries are more like sealed soda cans. You can transport them, and they won’t spill or leak if turned on their side. 

AGM Batteries Recharge Faster than Regular Batteries.

Fiberglass mesh mats soaked in electrolyte carry current faster than liquid electrolyte. Yes, that’s how AGM batteries can deliver big bursts of power even if they’re drained. It’s also how AGM batteries recharge faster than regular batteries. That low internal resistance means AGM batteries can give more amps and accept more amps when they recharge.

Standard batteries need more voltage than AGM batteries to recharge because regular batteries have higher internal resistance. To keep them from overheating, they can only take a few amps at a time at that high voltage.

This means AGM batteries need a special AGM charger. They can take a lot of amps in a short period of time — but an AGM battery charger must keep its voltage lower than 14 volts to avoid ruining the AGM battery. AGM batteries are 12 volts, like all car batteries, and can handle some higher voltage, but only up to a certain point. If a car alternator charges an AGM battery with a voltage higher than 15 volts, it can damage an AGM. 

Highest Quality Engineering

AGM batteries are a kind of valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) battery, which is part of why AGM batteries last so long. VRLA batteries have a one-way valve regulating how much hydrogen and oxygen can escape when the battery recharges. Normally, when a standard battery recharges, electricity splits the water in the electrolyte into hydrogen and oxygen, which mostly gets absorbed back into the electrolyte. The rest of the hydrogen and oxygen escapes through vents in the case, and the battery loses water. Water loss can kill a car battery, and that’s why you should occasionally refill your standard batteries with distilled water. You don’t have to maintain VRLA batteries the same way. Their one-way valves keep the gases in the battery, effectively preventing water loss.

140Ah AGM batteries can outperform a regular car battery in almost every way because of their design. A low internal resistance means AGM batteries can give more amps and accept more amps when they recharge. 

Benefit From Proven Performance

AGM batteries hold their charge well and are less likely to sulfate when compared to regular wet cell batteries (conventional batteries types). Because of this, they are an excellent choice for vehicles that require off-season storage. AGM batteries can be mounted in more flexible orientations than conventional batteries because the liquid is sealed inside the battery. Because the liquid electrolyte flows freely inside conventional batteries, they must be mounted and stored upright to prevent leakage. Another advantage of the electrolyte being absorbed and held by a separator suspended inside the battery is that it is more resistant to vibration, a vital plus for 4WDs or other vehicles that operate on uneven surfaces.

Australian Owned and Operated 

100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Online Designed for Off Road and Heavy Duty Applications

Perfect for use in caravans, marine, camping and home storage off grid applications. Solar, wind or battery charger compatible. Designed to handle the vibration when off road.

100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Online Run in Parallel or Series 

Run Giant AGM deep cycle batteries in parallel or series and boost the time they can run for before needing a recharge.

100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Online Portable Power Solutions

Giant batteries are lightweight, when compared to many other options, and have built in carry straps, which make moving around the campsite easy.

100AH Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Online Quality Copper-Silver Terminals

Quality Copper-Silver Terminals means small contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.

140Ah AGM Battery Sale

While both AGM and Lithium batteries provide reliable power, here are some notable differences that set them apart:

  • AGM batteries are more affordable than Lithium batteries.
  • AGM batteries have a shorter cycle life compared to Lithium.
  • AGM batteries can only be discharged to 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD) while Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries can be discharged to 100% DoD in an emergency.
  • Lithium batteries are approx. 50% lighter in weight compared to AGM batteries.
  • Lithium batteries have an active Battery Management System (BMS) which will shut down the battery to protect it if the temperature, voltage or current is outside the nominated range.

When it comes to deciding between an AGM Battery and a Lithium Battery, the application, intended use, expected life expectancy and budget play a major role - both Lithium and AGM are excellent deep cycle battery choices as they deliver excellent performance and efficiency at a competitive price.

AGM Deep Cycle Battery Australia


Australian Made AGM Deep Cycle Battery Giant Power

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Giant Power 12V 140AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Nominal Voltage 12V 
Nominal Capacity (20HR) 140.0 AH
Dimension Length: 330 ±3mm (12.99 inches)
Width: 173 ±2mm (6.81 inches)
Container Height: 212 ±2mm (8.35 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal): 220 ±2mm (8.66 inches)
Approx Weight Approx 32.2 Kg
Terminal T11
Container Material ABS
Rated Capacity 140.0 AH/7.0A (20hr,1.80V/cell,25°C)
Max. Discharge Current 1200A (5s)
Internal Resistance Approx 4.9mΩ
Operating Temp.Range Discharge : -15 ~ 50oC (5 ~ 122oF)
Charge : 0 ~ 40oC (32 ~ 104oF )
Storage : -15 ~ 40oC (5 ~ 104oF)
Nominal Operating Temp. Range 25 ± 3°C (77 ± 5°F )
Bulk Charge Initial Charging Current less than 30A.
Voltage 14.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -30mV/oC
Float Charge No limit on Initial Charging Current
Voltage 13.5V @ 25oC
Temp. Coefficient -20mV/oC
Capacity affected by Temperature 40oC (104oF) 103%
25oC ( 77oF ) 100%
0oC ( 32oF ) 86%
Self Discharge Giant Power Deep Cycle AGM batteries may be stored for up to 6 months at 25oC(77oF) and then a freshening charge is required. For higher temperatures the time interval will be shorter.

AGM State of charge to battery voltage chartMake sure that the battery is never discharged below 10.8 volts. If AGM batteries are discharged past this point permanent damage will occur. We recommend that you closely monitor the battery voltage / discharge levels via a digital volt meter or battery gauge.

Avoid Over Discharging & Protect Your Investment: Make sure that the battery is never discharged below 10.8 volts. If AGM batteries are discharged past this point permanent damage will occur. We recommend that you closely monitor the battery voltage / discharge levels via a digital volt meter or battery gauge. We also highly recommend the use of a low–voltage cutout device, these devices are not expensive and will protect your batteries by disconnecting any electrical loads from the battery before the batteries are over–discharged. 

Avoid Overcharging - Use Automatic Chargers & Regulators: It is essential that any device used to charge your battery is regulated with a maximum bulk charge of 14.8 Volts and a float charge of no more than 13.8 Volts - The AGM or Flooded/Wet setting on most automatic charge devices is acceptable.

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Matt. AGM batteries are still fundamentally lead acid batteries, but the electrolyte (acid) is soaked on absorbent fibreglass mats between the lead plates inside, rather than traditional liquid acid. You will also notice that our AGM batteries are rated over the capacity discharge times C10, C20 & C100. This relates to the power available in the battery over 10 hours, 20 hours or 100 hours. Designed for multi-application use the power available will very much depend on how quickly you discharge your AGM battery. 

How to Maintain your AGM Batteries

As with all batteries correct maintenance is important – particularly if it’s unlikely to be used for an extended period of time. With that in mind there are a few core points to follow:

1. Ensure your AGM battery is fully charged before being left. A fully charged AGM battery should read 13.00v or above. Ideally you need to ensure the final charge is done via an AGM optimised charging profile.

2. Never leave a battery on permanent charge (including trickle!) – despite having no free flowing acid inside, long term charging will cause the battery to dry out. Once fully charged and stored just ensure you charge the battery once a month overnight instead.

3. Try to keep your max discharge level to less than 80% . You can technically take AGM batteries lower than that, but the cycle life will reduce accordingly. For ultimate performance lifespan discharge to 50% then recharge back to 100%.

Note: Remember, the cycle life is a guide on the optimum life span of the battery – it doesn’t mean the battery will pack up and stop working – but you will notice considerably less running time once the cycle life has been achieved. Our Battery warranty does not cover loss of capacity as this is subjective to the usage, the frequency the battery is under and whether it’s been correctly charged.

If you are looking for true deep cycle batteries designed for regular discharge and recharge then AGM Batteries can offer all the power benefits you require. No topping up with water, non-spill, quicker charging and long life. If you can invest some time in getting your charging right, then you will see much better performance over traditional wet lead acid types – something we have first hand experience of over many years – low return rates and minimal warranty issues speak volumes for our Giant Range of AGM Batteries performance over time.


5 year battery warranty - 12 month full replacement warranty with 48 month pro-rata replacement warranty 2 year general warranty - 2 year warranty - repair of replacement warranty for construction or components

For more information, please read our full warranty policy

Giant Power 140AH 12V Deep Cycle AGM Ardent Heavy Duty Battery Box Combo Kit has a rating of 4.95/5 based on 21 reviews.



on 14 August 2023

Great value

Awesome value and great product , was delivered on time and works perfectly . Highly recommend

on 24 January 2023


Had a problem with volt meter on battery box they sent me a replacement more than happy with service . Great work!!!!

on 16 September 2021


Absolutely great & the best on market

on 10 June 2021

Dual battery.

Transaction couldn't have been easier, battery box is so easy to use with its plug & play anderson connectors, easy to read voltage meter.

on 21 May 2021
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